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4 Typical Career Mistakes

There are many tips on how to build a great career. Some of them are useful, but others are not. Here is the list of the most common career mistakes, on to which parents and other people may urge you. Remember about them and do vice versa!

University Degree

Many people will convince you that you should graduate from the university to get a good job. It is a myth! The most important thing is your knowledge. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and other famous people did not have any academic degree when they became successful. It means that the only significant thing is to find what you can do the best. It may be blogging, SMM, etc. It does not really matter. You should love what you do, and do what you love! Continue reading →

The Simplest Way to Write an Essay on America

Write an Essay on America

America is one of the biggest and richest countries in the world. Taking a closer look, it is one of the most influential nations all over the globe. It is a country that has become home to people of many different origins and ethnicities. Ethnicity has never been equated to the nationality as the focal point is the citizenship, or putting it in other words – allegiance. Therefore, non-citizen residents, dual citizens, and immigrants can also claim American identity.

America is famous for its democratic principles, the spirit of freedom, equality, and fraternity. It is well-known for its great inventions, revolutions that have put the corner stone for human rights as well as iconic leaders who have influenced the entire world so far. Continue reading →

An Example of a Short Essay

An Example of a Short Essay

Writing essays is an essential part of any school or college curriculum, so every student is regularly given an assignment to write one. Writing an essay is as challenging as writing a thesis or a report, that is why, it should be approached seriously. Find below an example of a short essay on the problem of saving the dogs locked in the cars. Continue reading →

How not to Get Lost in the Literature World?

Literature World

Reading is a highly beneficial activity for people of all ages. Its advantages have been studied by thousands of scientists and proved by many generations. Apart from the pleasure you derive from the process, a reader gets an access to the unimaginable wisdom hidden in the masterpieces of the World literature. Acquiring new knowledge, a human being becomes a well-rounded personality, which makes a person an interesting interlocutor. Have you ever felt the pleasure of such a communication?

What is more, this is the way to boost the vocabulary and memory. It does not matter which genre you choose, a good writer will definitely provide you with a unique style and more than enough terminology on the topic of the writing. As a result, the more you read, the more sophisticated your speech and written language becomes. Continue reading →

Introducing Free College Education

Free College Education

Free college education in USA was first introduced in Tennessee State at the end of 2015. This possibility was offered to the seniors who were about to graduate from high school. However, the tuition was not considered to be totally free – those teenagers who took part in the program were obliged to undergo eight hours of community works, apply for a 2.0 GPA, contact with a supervisor and work as a volunteer for several state services. Continue reading →

Why Is Science Regarded to Be Atheistic?


Science is defined a rational, systematic and intellectual research of the natural world that is based on observations, facts, as well as experiments. On the contrary, atheism, a term derived from Greek word meaning “without god,” is the disbelief in the existence of deities. Considering the fact that science operates in a framework of uncompromising facts, making faith in the gods entirely unfound, it is often viewed as atheistic.

Despite the difference in definitions and functions, science and religion have achieved peaceful coexistence. Science can operate on its own regardless of its origin. Consequently, science is able to function without any theistic foundation. At the same time, it doesn’t tolerate atheistic dogmatism. Therefore, science can perfectly function without any form of atheism. Continue reading →

Let’s Talk About Global Warming

Global Warming

It is crucial for mankind to solve environmental problems, since they influence both our lives and the lives of the future generations. Nowadays, global warming is considered one of the most burning issues that concerns our natural environment. It is an extremely dangerous problem, which affects our planet on a global scale.

What is actually global warming? It is a change in climate, namely, a significant increase of the temperature level all over the world. This problem is of anthropogenic origin: various areas of human’s activity have contributed to this environmental phenomenon. Previously, the variation of the temperature of the Earth’s surface and oceans was completely natural and harmless. However, over the course of recent centuries, scientists have recorded abnormal changes in the temperature scenario. Such a rise in temperature has already caused drastic changes in the nature of our planet and resulted in ice melting, numerous severe floods, shortage of drinking water, species extinction and many more. Continue reading →

How to Make a Habit of Studying Regularly

Make a Habit of Studying Regularly

Efficient studying skills will help every college student reach their maximum during acquiring the necessary knowledge. A few useful hints that will soon grow into an everyday habit will definitely deprive you of stress as well as save you so much precious time. The biggest mistake, each student makes, is leaving all the tasks for the last minute. If only you did everything in time, a small piece of work every day, your workload would decrease straightaway, giving you a stress-free lifestyle.

The more information you are trying to acquire, the less material will be stored in your head. By revising and rereading, not only will you get the benefit of better memorizing, but you will also let your brain work in normal conditions. Moreover, you will be so thankful to yourself before an exam, when you find out that you have been making notes during the process of learning, and all you need to do now is simply reread them! Continue reading →

Things that Will Damage Your Best Thesis Title

Things that Will Damage Your Best Thesis Title

Although you won’t probably think much about the careful formulation of your thesis topic, it deserves plenty of your attention. The title plays a major role in what kind of a first impression the reader will get. Thus, you need to have sufficient time for you and your thesis title. On the contrary, do not overthink after these warnings: writing a title is definitely not the most challenging task – just make sure you won’t be trapped by some petty mistakes.

Tips on how to Write a Proper Title for the Thesis

Do not Write Unnecessary Words

The title of the thesis should be formulated clearly and distinctly. It should make the reader understand what your topic is. Besides, the title should be as concise as possible in order not to confuse the reader. Therefore, do not make it excessively long and do not cram many sophisticated words there. These words might be unnecessary there as the reader will lose the main message. Continue reading →

Habits That Help You Succeed in Assignment Crafting

Habits That Help You Succeed in Assignment Crafting

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when the deadline for submitting your paper was already looming on the horizon but you still didn’t have a single word? It’s a rather frustrating experience, isn’t it? In order to avoid such a stressful situation next time you are writing a paper, you can develop three personal habits listed below.

Taking Lecture Notes

The first step of completing your paper assignment is always the same: you need to collect material. So why don’t you start doing it in class? If you pay proper attention to taking notes in class, later you might realize that you already have a lot of material for your paper even prior to conducting a research. Moreover, when you take notes, you can arrange all the information in the way that you find most convenient. You can draw tables and charts, underline, highlight and circle most important words and phrases and so on. If you think that typing is more effective than writing, use your laptop at class. Continue reading →


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