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Writing Research Papers on Breast Cancer

Research Papers on Breast Cancer

When you are given a task to write a research paper on breast cancer, you should consider it as a great opportunity to gain some valuable knowledge about a very concerning issue. In addition, writing a cancer research paper gives you a unique chance to teach others by making a profound research, including prevention measures and cancer treatments. However, due to its complexity, it can be extremely difficult to figure out where to begin. Have you already made up your mind regarding the topic of your cancer paper? Do you know how to write an effective thesis of your research paper? If your answers are negative, it is high time to look at some topic ideas that will undoubtedly come in handy in order to write a good research paper on breast cancer. Continue reading →

How to Write a Descriptive Essay about Your Favorite Food

Descriptive Essay about Your Favorite Food

Descriptive essays are one of the easiest types of essays to write. They don’t need much analysis, just a nice description of the assigned subject. Many students love writing descriptive essays because in many cases they get to write about something that is of great value for them. For example, writing about favorite food. Let’s learn the key points you need to know to write a good descriptive essay.


Let’s again go back to our first example and imagine you need to write a descriptive essay about your favorite food. The result you need to achieve is to make the reader like that food even without tasting it. That means you have to describe it in such a way that the reader can create a full picture and have a clear understanding why the described food is so good. Usually, we apply different senses when talking about food; we see its appealing look, smell its enchanting whiff and taste its mouthwatering flavor. With a description essay, you need to reflect all feelings using just words. Continue reading →

Tips to Get Shortlisted in a Telephonic Interview

TTelephonic Interview

Each time when you send your resume out, you can anticipate the request for a telephonic interview. Many candidates underestimate its importance. However, its impact on the right person for certain job position selection is huge. Read the tips below to pass this uncommon interview type with success.

Deeper Knowledge about the Company

Before the appointed interview time, you should look through information concerning company and job position you have sent your application for. Continue reading →

Best Ways to Meet People in College

Best Ways to Meet People in College

There’s no place like college. Can you not only become a skilled professional there, but also find your true soul minds, which can have a great impact on your life during college studies as well as on your future career and success.

In order to make connections, you should know the right places, where you can find great people. Here are some tips that will help you with this task.

Where to Find Friends: Top 8 Options

  • Dorms
    If you are going to spend your next few years having great time with cool people, move in the dorm. You can start making new friends the very moment you find your room. Keep your doors opened, be friendly and talkative. However, don’t sit in your room all the time! Leave it and get acquainted with your neighbors. Remember to make as many friends as possible during the first days, because people will be more open to communication.
  • Continue reading →

What’s the Purpose of Education?

What’s the Purpose of Education

Why do we need education? What an annoying question, you might think right now. However, when years after graduation you meet your former group mates who were close to being expelled but now drive a ridiculously expensive car while you commute by bus to your tedious work every morning, you might start asking yourself this question. Why do we even need education when it doesn’t determine our future? That’s when you need to be reminded of the role good education plays in our lives. Continue reading →

4 Typical Career Mistakes

4 Typical Career Mistakes

There are many tips on how to build a great career. Some of them are useful, but others are not. Here is the list of the most common career mistakes, on to which parents and other people may urge you. Remember about them and do vice versa!

University Degree

Many people will convince you that you should graduate from the university to get a good job. It is a myth! The most important thing is your knowledge. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and other famous people did not have any academic degree when they became successful. It means that the only significant thing is to find what you can do the best. It may be blogging, SMM, etc. It does not really matter. You should love what you do, and do what you love! Continue reading →

The Simplest Way to Write an Essay on America

Write an Essay on America

America is one of the biggest and richest countries in the world. Taking a closer look, it is one of the most influential nations all over the globe. It is a country that has become home to people of many different origins and ethnicities. Ethnicity has never been equated to the nationality as the focal point is the citizenship, or putting it in other words – allegiance. Therefore, non-citizen residents, dual citizens, and immigrants can also claim American identity.

America is famous for its democratic principles, the spirit of freedom, equality, and fraternity. It is well-known for its great inventions, revolutions that have put the corner stone for human rights as well as iconic leaders who have influenced the entire world so far. Continue reading →

An Example of a Short Essay

An Example of a Short Essay

Writing essays is an essential part of any school or college curriculum, so every student is regularly given an assignment to write one. Writing an essay is as challenging as writing a thesis or a report, that is why, it should be approached seriously. Find below an example of a short essay on the problem of saving the dogs locked in the cars. Continue reading →

How not to Get Lost in the Literature World?

Literature World

Reading is a highly beneficial activity for people of all ages. Its advantages have been studied by thousands of scientists and proved by many generations. Apart from the pleasure you derive from the process, a reader gets an access to the unimaginable wisdom hidden in the masterpieces of the World literature. Acquiring new knowledge, a human being becomes a well-rounded personality, which makes a person an interesting interlocutor. Have you ever felt the pleasure of such a communication?

What is more, this is the way to boost the vocabulary and memory. It does not matter which genre you choose, a good writer will definitely provide you with a unique style and more than enough terminology on the topic of the writing. As a result, the more you read, the more sophisticated your speech and written language becomes. Continue reading →

Introducing Free College Education

Free College Education

Free college education in USA was first introduced in Tennessee State at the end of 2015. This possibility was offered to the seniors who were about to graduate from high school. However, the tuition was not considered to be totally free – those teenagers who took part in the program were obliged to undergo eight hours of community works, apply for a 2.0 GPA, contact with a supervisor and work as a volunteer for several state services. Continue reading →


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