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Anti-Abortion Essay

Anti-Abortion Essay

My opinion about abortion has dramatically changed since I watched live abortion on the Internet. Previously, I think that it is absolutely normal to make an abortion in case of rape or if something goes wrong with a child or with pregnancy. But after what I have seen, I’m totally against abortion no matter the circumstances.

Millions of abortions are happening around the world and in the United States in particular. According to the stats provided by, more than 33,000 abortions are performed in the United States yearly, 1.37 million of abortions happen each year. Just imagine – it’s 155 abortions an hour. The scope is really huge! Every hour the lives of 155 innocent creatures, which can’t protect themselves, are taken away. If people understood what abortion really is, there would definitely be a great shift in the number of women making abortion.

Most of the reasons why women decide to make an abortion are selfish and egoistic and don’t explain the necessity to take lives of helpless babies inside of them. Annually, more unborn babies die than the Americans, who died in the Civil War and the Revolutionary War, the World War I and the World War II, the Vietnam War and the Korean War combined. Nevertheless, abortions are legal.

There are three major types of abortion: medical abortion and two types of invasive abortion (abortion using instruments or via abdominal surgery). The two latter types of abortion are painful for the mother, but all three types are painful for the baby. For each trimester, different types of abortion are applied to. If the child is about twelve weeks old, a suction aspiration type of abortion is performed, which presupposes forcefully dilatation of mother’s cervix. In this type of abortion, a special suction device connected to the vacuum machine is put in into the womb. That vacuum machine is very powerful. In fact, it’s 24 times more powerful than vacuum cleaners that we use to clean carpets. The following device is used to tear the baby into tiny pieces and just throw it away. Abortions in the second trimester are rarely performed because they can cause a lot of complications, including mother’s death. If they are applied to the baby, it suffers even more horrible death then in the first trimester, being poisoned and suffocated to death through the saline poisoning process. One or two hours later after the baby dies, the mother should go into labor to deliver a dead baby.

Now, do you understand why I said that if more people really understood what abortion really is, the number of abortions would decrease dramatically? Abortions are a murder and should be made illegal, because of the suffering that they cause to both babies and mothers.

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