3 Top Study Tips for College Students

The modern development of technology made a learning process much easier from the standpoint of information search, but at the same time, it confronts contemporary students with many temptations and distractions. Social sites, e-mails, interesting applications, games, phone calls and messages are far not all entertainments, which steal our concentration and hinder our productivity.

That is why it is vital for each student to get the clue of high productivity instead of wasting time on the useless activities.

1.Precise Notes

Notes do not consume do not take much room and, in fact, good notes are the precise summary, which is easier to study and understand. Listen to your professor attentively but note just the key points. If keeping notes is hard for you, ask your tutor for advice during his office hours. Some students prefer to records of the lectures and you can do it as well, with your lector’s permission. However, it is not worth to hear the same speech over again, when you can just note its main points within class hours. This practice will help you to save your time and boost your memory, especially if you highlight or underline the major points in different colors. You can also read a book in a similar fashion if it is yours. Avoid reading examples and additional explanations for several times. Unload your brain!

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Effective day-to-day time management might significantly improve each sphere of your life, and studying is not an exception. Write lists, make notes and schedule all you class and leisure activities to cope with everything in time. Pick up the best time (before going asleep or just after waking up) to plan each your day efficiently. Only time management and perfect self-organization skills will help you to save time for studying, relaxation and hobbies even during the busiest weeks of the term. Besides, you will never fail, thanks to being prepared for your classes and managing your activities in a timely manner.

3.Focus on Studying

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Of course, you just plan to study for an hour or even two in the evening, but I bet you that phone calls, Facebook messages, and advertisements e-mails will draw your attention from the reading the books and making an analysis. That is why, you should unplug and reconnect your gadgets, or at least, promise yourself to use the internet properly and set silent tune on your mobile phone while you are studying. Scientists proved that multitasking is too stressful on a human organism, and it demonstrates disorganization rather than vigor to complete the tasks all at once. Do everything in its time!

The secrets of high grades and fresh looks are simple. Filter the information you should research and study, organize your days so that you could find a balance between studying, relaxations and time for your friends, and do not procrastinate even the minor tasks while you are studying.  Be a wise student!

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