5 Excellent Apps to Help You Compose Your Essays

Writing an essay is a complex process that requires much efforts, skills, and time. Some students have already got used to composing such papers and can easily cope with the task regardless of the topic. However, even they may sometimes require additional help.

With the advent of modern technologies, all aspects of life have been improved by the use of different kinds of applications. Nowadays, you can install them anywhere: on your mobile phone, computer, tablet, or even smart watch.

Unfortunately, there are myriads of them flooding the Internet, and it is quite difficult to find the necessary one to meet your requirements. Here you can find top five most helpful apps that will benefit your writing process.

Dragon Dictation

If typing is not your cup of tea, try speaking instead of “writing.” With the help of this helpful app, all you need to do is just to talk to your computer while it will record everything and transform your words into a text. Dragon Dictation will help you overcome the annoying writers’ block when you have no idea what to write about. Just say everything that comes to your mind and your essay will be ready much faster than while typing.


If you are fed up with all the citing and formatting rules, this app is just for you. With RefME, your task will be just to enter the resource’s information, and the program will create the ready reference in the necessary style – MLA, APA, Harvard, etc. Your professor will be surprised with how accurately you have managed to design your list of sources.


This is an ideal app for those who would rather see their ideas than imagine them. Coggle is a perfect tool to design a mind map and fill it with the thoughts necessary for work with the project. The brainstorming function works great here. The app will remind about the ideas for the paragraphs, subtopics, and any other random thoughts.


Perhaps, everybody knows that Evernote is a brilliant app to store your thoughts and ideas by creating small notes on the screen. However, hardly anyone knows that this app has another great function. If you meet an interesting article that you have no time to read right now, Evernote will save it for you by making a simple bookmark for the future. You can also store all the references you come across while writing an essay!

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Write or Die

What is the writer’s worst enemy? Procrastination. Sometimes, a lack of motivation prevents you from composing a decent article. However, Write or Die is a unique app that punishes you for not meeting the deadlines of your task. If you have not coped with the goal in time, it can make you suffer with the help of annoying sounds or even deleting a part of the text you have already written. Best motivation ever!

These apps will benefit your writing process, but until the programmers develop a tool that writes the entire paper instead of you, only you are responsible for your essay. Do not forget about it.


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