5 Hacks to See the Best of NYC for Cheap

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world. This fact concerns not just its dwellers, but also its tourists. Does it mean that if you have a limited budget, you should not travel there? No way! Of course, there are some free attractions in NYC. Top five free hacks, which will make your trip much cheaper, are listed below. Make your trip to New York full of impressions without spending much!

1. Rockefeller Center

Tourists pay $30 to see NYC from its observation deck, but you can save on it. It requires some preparation, but the deal is worthy. Therefore, first, you should dress up as for the expensive restaurant (collar shirt and trousers for men, dresses and heels for women), then, enter the main, not tourists’ entrance, and take an elevator to the 65th floor. Here you can enjoy almost the same view and gorgeous sunset.

2. Statue of Liberty

A trip to this essential attraction will cost you minimum $18. Tricky way to see it from the closest distance is the Stated Island Ferry. Its route passes the Statue of Liberty and departs every half of an hour from Battery Park. Take a right-hand position to enjoy the view thoroughly. Do not be afraid of the mass of people waiting for the ferry. It is big enough to accommodate all.

3. Museums

There are a lot of them in NYC. The most interesting have their up or down prices for tickets. Nevertheless, there is no reason for despair, as almost each of them has their free days! Browse Time out’s list of Free museums days in New York City to know, when the one you would like to visit is waiting for you free of charge! Pay particular attention to the Museum of Modern Art, Memorial Museum, the Museum of Moving Image, and the Guggenheim.

4. Walk and Relax

NYC is abundant in beautiful places to spend time in. Take photos, make videos and enjoy the views of Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Wall Street, the High Line, 9/11 Memorial, Flatiron Building, Times Square and others. Take a snack and a thermos bottle with you to economize on food. Feel yourself a part of the NYC!

5. Go Around the City

Of course, the places of interest are not situated in the single location. To move from one to another, use Metro cards in the amount $19.05 for 8 fares or $9.55 for 4 fares ($1 cards are of no use) or visit City bike stations, which are relatively cheap, $25 per week. Do not take a taxi, especially from the airport. There are many inexpensive ways. Just ask people around or browse beforehand.
You will surely have excellent time to travel on a minimum charge. Just ask yourself why you should overpay if you are not a millionaire! Stick out of the mass of typical tourists. Enjoy NYC city almost for free!


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