5 Ultimate Girls’ Nights in Movies

When your BFFs and you come together and all the nails are successfully painted, you need to find something else to do. A movie is always a safe choice, but it can take forever to pick one, especially in a room full of people. We’ve assembled some of the timeless ladies’ classics that are worth watching even if you’ve seen them before.

Mean Girls

One of the rare critically acclaimed chick flicks, Mean Girls gives us sweet, charming Rachel McAdams as the gorgeous, but conceited Regina and Lindsay Lohan is a rare role that actually showcases her talent. Tina Fey, of the 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live fame, takes all the popular teen movie tropes and either subverts them or turn them into something completely unexpected. If you’re into some real portrayals of adolescence, high school clique culture, and people being hit by buses, this movie is for you.


If you want a movie that makes you scream at the screen and throw popcorn at each other, go for a Twilight marathon. It has moderately attractive shirtless dudes, a love triangle, and vampire politics. The movies are, of course, ridiculous, but no one watches The Shawshank Redemption during girls’ nights.

Freaky Friday

The “we’ve exchanged bodies” trope is a long-tried staple of the teen movie world. Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan seem to have a great time acting together and Chad Michael Murray looks pretty great (though not as good as in Agent Carter)! The best scene of the movie comes when the mother realizes that Anna is amazing and accepts her for who she is. And wouldn’t we love that to happen to all of us.

The Notebook

This is the movie for all of us who like old fashioned romance and pretty people wearing retro clothes. Ryan Gosling is at his loveliest yet and Rachel McAdams is heartbreaking as beautiful Allie. All jokes aside, The Notebook is just a wonderfully well-crafted movie that is sure to put you to bed crying.

Bring It On

This movie got a bunch of straight to DVD sequels that, in my opinion, are not worth your time or money. However, the first one is pure unadulterated fun! It’s all about girl power and hard work and equality. Also, the cheerleading routines themselves are amazing to watch.

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Pitch Perfect

This movie somehow managed to convince a whole generation that a capella singers are the popular guys on campus. The sequel has come out recently too, so you can watch them back to back. Rebel Wilson’s got all the snappy one liners and Anna Kendrick’s voice is stunning. Still, the best moment of the movie is the riff-off, when you can’t help but join in.

All of the movies included in this list are guaranteed to make any gathering entertaining, so call your gal pals now and have a great night in!


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