6 Facts about Tuition Costs in Canada

Many young people from all over the world prefer to get their degrees in Canada. There are many reasons to do so. The country is uniquely multicultural, offers great tuition prices, and the degrees awarded there are recognized worldwide. There are several tools you can find online that can help gather application documents and calculate the cost of education in major Canadian universities.

Tuition fees

If you are a Canadian, you’re in luck. The average price of tuition for home students is CA $6,000, which is still pretty expensive, but not as bad as you might pay in other Anglophone countries. The prices vary according to the program you choose to pursue, the geographical area, and whether you are a postgrad or an undergrad.

Undergraduate tuition for international students

On average, international students in Canada pay CA $14,000 per year. Humanities are usually a little cheaper than that, while medicine and engineering are considerably more expensive. Business and economics courses are the most popular among international students.

Postgraduate tuition for international students

Postgraduate programs in Canada, as well as worldwide, are more expensive. An international student can expect to pay about CA $42,000 for an MBA.  Programs in other disciplines are much cheaper.

Costs of living

On average, a student in Canada spends around CA $600-800 on food and daily expenses, accommodations not included. Renting a place can cost as much as CA $15,000. These prices shrink if you live in rural areas. Many students prefer the cheaper off-campus accommodations that they can share with their friends to reduce the costs.

Another great option that is sadly only available for underage students is living with a host family. Not only is it a great culture learning opportunity, but it is also fairly inexpensive. Just remember that you’ll need to pay for transportation if you live far from the campus.

Student visa

Good news is that you don’t really need a visa if you have a Canadian study permit. Bad news is that applying for it will set you back CA $150. If your program lasts less than six months, you can get a visa instead if you want.

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Costs of applying are also higher for international students. You can waive this fee if you are a refugee or if your country of origin is considered as a developing one. Expect to pay about CA $100 otherwise.

Another requirement for students in Canada is health insurance. There are differently priced options out there, but on average, it will cost you about CA $600 per year.

Financial aid to study in Canada

Many grants and scholarships are there for international students to take advantage of. You can get one for academic or sporting achievements. You can also easily get a subject-specific scholarship. It is important to apply early because funding is usually a depressingly limited and very competitive process.

Many other resources are available on university specific websites. Visit them to get a better picture of what is expected from a student.


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