7 Movies You Should Watch

Looking for the movies, you have not seen can cause some hassle. Here, we have prepared the list of movies that are well worth watching and have been acknowledged by critics and viewers.

  1. People Places Things (2015)

This is a funny and sincere comedy. People Places Things tells about a graphic novelist from the New York City, who tries to define his new life as a single father of twins after his girlfriend cheated on him a year before. He is still recovering from the breakup, and his simple, honest and charming story will not leave you indifferent.

  1. The Hunt (2013)

This unforgettable Danish thriller tells a story about Lucas, a new teacher in a small town, who is trying to start his life from scratch. Then, a child from his class accuses him of a shameful action. The terrible lie quickly spreads among people making his life unbearable. The plot will keep you in suspense until the last minutes, and you will love it!

  1. Boy (2012)

This is a New Zealand masterpiece that implements mercy and first-rate humor. The main character, Boy, visualizes the world outside and dreams about adventures and meeting his idol Michael Jackson. This way, he distracts himself from the gloomy reality: he lives with his grandmother because his dad is in jail. However, everything changes when his father gets out of prison and finds a hidden bag of money.

  1. Goon (2012)

The movie successfully connects love story with amusement and violence, and this combination is truly impressive. It is rather nasty, but you will not be able to quit watching. Instead, you will regret that you cannot hug the main character and smack all the others.

  1. Samsara (2012)

The film presents the ethnographic world tours that will definitely impress you by the diversity and wonder of human life on our planet. The major peculiarity of Samsara is that it maintains a non-judgmental gaze. You will open the earth in all its beauty; explore the nature, different countries, cities, cultures, religions, and industries.

  1. I Saw the Devil (2010)

If you are a fan of the horror/thriller genre, you must watch this film. It is a bloody story about a young woman, who was kidnapped and cruelly murdered. Her boyfriend, the National Intelligence Service agent, starts searching for the murder and revenge.

  1. Nobody (2009)

If you are looking for a relaxing and intelligent movie, this is just what you need. Mr. Nobody describes and analyzes the life of the last mortal man on earth, Nemo Nobody. The main character reflects on the crucial choices he has made, each of which is presented as pathway story of what could have happened. Thus, you will get to know the gripping cinematography.

These movies will give new emotions and feelings, and some food for thought. Choose the one you like and enjoy!


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