Young people know that they need to go to college to get a degree, but often have no idea that there are more than one kind of them. In fact, there are different types of degrees that people can get for various purposes. The most popular ones are an associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree.

These types depend on the amount of time one spends studying. The complexity of the courses can also influence the type of diploma you’ll get in the end. A GED or a diploma from high school is necessary in order to enter any degree program, as well as results from SAT, ACT or any other universal entrance exam. If you are aiming for a master’s degree, you’ll probably have to pass GMAT or GRE as well.

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Associate’s Degree

An associate’s degree is perfect for young people without much money to spare. You can usually get one at a local community college where prices go down considerably if you are a resident of the area. The programs last for two years on average. The degrees usually allow you to work in specific professions, such as business administration or healthcare industry. If that is not something that interests you, after completion, students are welcome to enroll in bachelor’s programs that they can complete in two additional years. This way, many people save money on tuition costs.

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Bachelor’s Degree

Most students prefer to get a bachelor’s degree straight away instead of enrolling in an associate’s program first. There are so many varying programs out there that you can become a professional in whatever your heart desires: from designing greeting cards to crowd manipulation or breeding puppies. Almost all Bachelor’s degrees are four-year programs. The majority of vacancies in America require you to have one. Students usually spend 15-18 hours per week in the classroom and are expected to study at home for about 20 more. The first two years are usually spent covering the general education courses, not unlike the ones young people take in high school.

Master’s Degree

A master’s degree is a postgraduate degree, which means that you can only get it after you have completed a bachelor’s program. It is not impossible to completely change your area of study when you apply for a master’s. However, you will likely be required to take additional courses if the change is too drastic. For example, a person who got a BA in English will need to take science courses in order to apply for a postgrad program in Chemistry. Just as Bachelor’s programs, Master’s degrees are highly specialized. They can allow a person to get a high paying job in a specific field. However, some professions are so complicated that they require one to get a doctorate. Such training is necessary for doctors, lawyers, and research scientist.

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Therefore, before applying for college, think hard about what you want to do with your life and choose an appropriate degree program. Good luck with your choice!


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