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Puzzling Topics You May Face with

Everyone must have encountered with a theme of an essay, which made you feel confused, puzzled, or even annoyed, especially, if you weren’t competent in topic or worse, not interested in it.

What concerns basketball, the first that conjures up in our mind when hearing this word is Michael Jordan, any other tall player, or a basketball, or just a basket. This not very wide range of associations is peculiar for those who are not experts in this game. Although you may know some basic rules and terms that apply to basketball, as it is the world's well known sports game, you may not be able to show your good writing skills just because it is not your cup of tea. This game requires a detailed awareness of rules, techniques, difference between various levels of basketball, including college, high school, professional, international, and women’s basketball. It is necessary not only to be a fan of this game, but be somehow involved in it in order to produce a reasonable essay.

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Suggested Themes

Here you can find an approximate list of topics, which are free to alter according to your preferences and requirements:

  • The past of basketball
  • James Naismith and the invention of basketball
  • Basketball rules defined by James Naismith
  • How to defend in basketball?
  • Basketball for beginners
  • The foundation of the NBA
  • Levels of basketball
  • Basketball techniques
  • Basketball in terms of society
  • Basketball terminology
  • Interesting facts about basketball
  • Age limit in professional basketball
  • Is basketball the game for girls?
  • Michael Jordan “Make It Happen” Tips
  • Michael Jordan. Path to the Summit
  • Top best basketball players in the world
  • Basketball vs. similar games

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