Best Ways to Meet People in College

There’s no place like college. Can you not only become a skilled professional there, but also find your true soul minds, which can have a great impact on your life during college studies as well as on your future career and success.

In order to make connections, you should know the right places, where you can find great people. Here are some tips that will help you with this task.

Where to Find Friends: Top 8 Options

  • Dorms
    If you are going to spend your next few years having great time with cool people, move in the dorm. You can start making new friends the very moment you find your room. Keep your doors opened, be friendly and talkative. However, don’t sit in your room all the time! Leave it and get acquainted with your neighbors. Remember to make as many friends as possible during the first days, because people will be more open to communication.
  • Networking
    With this technique, you can make hundreds of friends! Even if you know one person in the college, ask him or her to introduce you to their friends and those friends can introduce you to other people and so on. That’s how you can create a network of connections!
  • Joining
    In college, you can find people with similar interests and hobbies. Usually, there is a variety of different clubs, groups and sororities that you can join.
  • Study Groups
    Another way to make friends is to join a study group or create your own one with people in your class. That will certainly make your studying process more interesting and involving.
  • Volunteer
    Join a volunteer organization, which activities are close to your beliefs and find your fellow-thinkers.
  • Part-Time Job
    Make friends while making money! You can find a part-time job anywhere: in campus newspaper, store, etc.
  • Common Areas
    There are always students sitting and enjoying their time in common areas. You can even start doing your assignments there. It’s a good place to find new friends.
  • Events
    There are many interesting events on your campus. Don’t forget to visit them, because they are always full of interesting people.

Remember that connections create a solid ground for your future success. So follow these tips and brighten up your college life!


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