Book Blogs

If you like to read books or you want to become the author of a new bestseller, for sure, it will be very interesting for you to read useful information about books and writing. There are many very helpful blogs about literature. Here is a list of some of them.

Interesting Blogs about Books

Books of New Writers

The “Indie View” blog is quite popular on the Internet. It specializes in popularizing books of new authors. There is a lot of interesting information about writers and their works. In addition, everyone has the opportunity to download any book. Those authors who want to present their writings to the world are given the possibility to create their own page and publish their texts free of charge.


Joel Friedlander’s blog “The Book Designer” tells thousands of people how books are created. The author of the site worked in the publishing house for a long time. Now he shares the secrets of making and designing books with all novice writers and editors.

Literature on any Sudject

Blog “Bustle Books” presents a huge selection of articles about books on any subject. Here you can also find many interesting facts about writers and historical events. In addition, there are many active discussions where each participant has the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas.


Maria Popova, the author of the blog “Brain Pickings” reads a lot of books of different genres and describes her impressions of them. The main theme that interests the author is creativity.

Book Reviews

Many people often read book reviews of other readers. Such texts have two main functions, to inform and to inspire people. “The New York Review of Books” presents interesting and unusual reviews of many books and articles. Their publications are very exciting and they can make you think about many things.

Books for Children

Famous book blogger Tara Lazar writes very interesting and useful guidelines for creating children's fiction. Beginner writers or experts in literature can learn many new and unique things on this site.

Helping New Writers

This blog of K.M. Weiland is dedicated to helping young talented authors. K.M. Weiland is a writer who has created many best-sellers. Now she wants to share her knowledge and experience with all people who are interested in books and writing.

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Literature and Modern Technologies

The blog “Electric Literature” publishes articles on how important it is to understand the benefits of reading in our time. You can download many free e-books here as well as get acquainted with interesting reviews on different books.

Writing as a Lifestyle

The authors of the blog “The Write Life” want to prove that writing books and essays can be not only a hobby but also a matter of all life. In their publications, they write that the work of the writer is, in fact, not only a very interesting activity but also a very perspective job. You can find many orders for freelancers here, read useful tips for writers, and find out the latest news from the world of literature.


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