Earning a Cheerleading Scholarship in College

With the rapid development of student’s life and especially extra-curricular activities, cheerleading has already become an integral part in some colleges and universities. Moreover, this activity is being well-financed these days and the most skillful college students receive a solid scholarship for their pains.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find an appropriate educational establishment with a profound cheerleading system and necessary incentives mechanism. There are not many organizations that finance this activity and only the richest ones can afford extensive scholarships. On the contrary, the number of cheerleaders is being increased every year. As the result of such rivalry, colleges create cheerleaders competitions that have to decide the best of the best and distribute financial support among them.

Helpful Tips for Receiving Cheerleader Scholarship

Work Hard

The most important factor is skill. You will never reach the top without hard trainings. Even the greatest talent will not make you win all the competitions instantly. Progress is a necessary thing, so if you want to be successful, it is only training that can help you with this.


Not only the physical progress is significant, but the academic one as well. Your personal rating will directly influence the attitude towards you as from your colleagues, so from professors. Make your chances of getting the cheerleading scholarship as high as possible – pay attention to studying.

Work in Team

A skillful cheerleader will be nothing without a team of reliable partners. What is even more important, this cooperation can be improved not only in trainings but in everyday life as well. Build your trust in common projects, participating in different communities or simply playing board games as a whole.

Show off

Even though it is not a good quality, sometimes, mentioning that you have a few decent cheerleading awards will definitely make you look more confident. Nobody needs to know about you too much, but there are some qualities that are worth sharing with the public.

Always Have a Backup Plan

Despite your unbelievable desire, there still can be an unexpected situation, which will prevent you from getting the scholarship. Thus, you have to think about extra resources on the other side. Maybe they will be also connected with sport or even cheerleading activities, but you must definitely have it.

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As it has been already told, not every university has an opportunity to develop your cheerleading skills. Here is the list of the universities with the most beneficial programs devoted to cheerleading.

  • University of Hawaii. Not only will you find here vast beaches for eternal rest, but a nice playground for progressing your cheerleading career.
  • Fort Hays State University. Here, there is a possibility to receive the highest non-educational scholarship, including cheerleading one.
  • University of Delaware. It is a paradise for cheerleaders. The worldwide known Blue Hens Cheer Team is always eager to meet new professionals to join their team.


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