Five Tips to Maximize Your Study Time in College

Students often complain about the lack of time they have during the day for school, studying, friends, and work. To solve this issue, they can use different techniques that help maximize study time. Here are a few of these techniques.

Wake up early

You will certainly have more time for studying if you wake up early. It allows you to look through your class notes. Those students who are accustomed to studying at night find it difficult to wake up early. However, such daily regime is worth trying since the brain tends to be more active in the morning rather than at night. Thus, you will be able to focus on learning more easily. If you have difficulties with waking up early, put your alarm far away from your bed so that you need to walk in order to turn it off. Cold water helps you ward off sleep completely. Wash your face and you are ready for studying. Start with reading the most difficult notes for you classes.

Make audio notes

Create audio notes and, as a result, you will have more study time. Thanks to audio notes, you can continue studying even if your eyes feel tired. Record yourself reading necessary lecture notes and then send these audio notes to your phone. Moreover, you can record your professor during lecture.

Send notes to your mobile device

Send your lecture notes to your mobile device. It is the next helpful thing that contributes to increasing your study time. When a test is approaching, email yourself your lecture notes. It gives you an opportunity to read them whenever you have spare time, for example between classes. You also can listen to your audio notes if you send them to your phone.

Say “No” if you have to study

You can extend your study time if you say “no” to one thing a week. It does not mean that you should stay at home and not have fun at all. Just try not to say “yes” to everything that people ask you to do. Many students do not have enough study time since they cannot say “no” even if they are busy. Therefore, if you notice that you spend much time going out with your friends very often or attending too many clubs, cut back on it a little and devote that time to studying. Not only will you improve your grades in such a way but will surely feel less stressed.

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Find out when you can multitask

Lastly, you should determine the best time when you can use your audio notes. If you work out regularly, listen to your notes while running. Moreover, you can multitask and listen to your notes while you are getting ready every morning. Then repeat everything you have heard. Be sure you are very attentive while you are listening to your notes. Otherwise, it won’t have the desirable effect.
I hope these five tips will help you maximize your study time. Try to use them in order to make your study at college more effective.


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