How to Find a Job after Graduation

The primary motivation for studying abroad is more favorable job opportunities. However, the first job is what really helps fulfill this goal. A job after degree is a way to handle the financial hardships that result from college loans and justify the investment you have made into your education.

You should be prepared to search for a job on your own, because most foreign schools lack on-campus placements. The best time to start your job hunting is the first year of study. However, it is never too early or too late to search for a job. The good news is that your job options can improve while you study and develop skills. The following are some general directions for finding a job that matches your needs:

Choose a Job Title

Be strategic when you start a new job search. Define your ideal jobs and companies where you can get them. Consider the company location and reputation as an employer. Then make a list of your less-than-ideal jobs. If it is your first job or you start an entirely new career, talk to people who have experience in the field.

Polish Your CV

Enhance your chances to get the job you want by using this algorithm:
1) Define what is expected from the candidates for the job you are applying for.
2) Be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses.
3) Think what you could do to improve your resume (take an unpaid internship to get experience or take a professional training course etc.)
4) Update your CV regularly.
5) Check the country’s regulations to know everything about the requirements for both employers and employees.

Use Your Connections

Be sure to talk to people and reach out anyone who can help you. Your faculty and seniors are usually the quickest and easily accessible option. They can recommend you the best job listings to start your job search. Don’t forget the alumni from your college. Not so long ago, they went through the hardships you are struggling with now. Their experience of finding their first job can be invaluable for you.

Consult Specialists

Job consultants can help you find a job of your dream or convince you to change the dream. Be open to potential criticism and new opportunities the professionals can offer you.

Never Lose Enthusiasm

You should not expect immediate success. Keep applying for jobs, sending your resumes and contacting companies. Remember that only some part of your applications will result in interviews and only some part of the interviews will bring you job offers. Even if you feel confident about some interview, be sure to continue applying, to be on the safe side.
The process of job hunting can be a full-time job itself. Be patient and stay motivated to reach your goals. Don’t be upset if you don’t land your dream job right from the start. A career growth can be a multi-step process that requires time, strategic thinking and planning.


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