How to Free Your Life from All-Nighters

Students often complain of the avalanche of work to do and little time left to prepare other things. It is one of the reasons why they ought to burn the midnight oil. Having heard about such situations, I haven’t really experienced it myself as usually I finish doing all my studying-related tasks until 8 pm maximum. Surely, on the first year of studying, I had a couple of exceptions when due to various reasons, such as friend’s birthday party or some extracurricular activities, my schedule underwent some changes in the form of postponing my daily portion of studying for 2-3 hours. Anyhow, being on my Master’s program, I can objectively say that it is possible to be a normal student without pulling all-nighters. The secret lies in simple tips that I’m going to provide you with.

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Work Is Good, but Making a Break Is Vital

Our brain is not made of steel, therefore, during hard, exhausting work, it wears out and the quality of your performance is getting lower. It is a sound idea to have breaks from time to time, giving your brain a chance to rest and renew the energy level. I find my work much more productive when I have 10-minute-breaks every hour of studying, and it really helps me to concentrate on my tasks with new power. Of course, when it comes to measuring or evaluating physical and mental possibilities, there is no unique approach as we all have different patterns, which implies that you have to find your own.

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Do Your Chores First

Knowing that you haven’t picked up your clothes from the dry cleaner’s or that you have run out of food for a pet can really distract from the studying process. Thus, try to do your daily chores first, so then with the clear head you can start working. However, it is vital also to differentiate unescapable errands you have to do and the things you prefer to do instead of learning as it may lead you to procrastination, which is the biggest enemy to your effective learning.

Make a Daily Plan

Sometimes the workload could be quite overwhelming, so you don’t know where to start and how to gather together your panicking thoughts. On this point, it has proven to be absolutely helpful to make a schedule for a day, in which you could note down every task you have to do during the day. I try to stick to my schedule throughout a day as it helps me to organize my day and my thoughts.

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Get Rid of Distractions

If you have problems with focusing your attention on some things for a long time, then having your phone ringing all the time or your friends texting you on Facebook won’t speed up the process. Turn off your gadgets, clear up your working place from other things that may interfere with the studying and you will be able to see how many things you can accomplish within a shorter time period.

Although these pieces of advice worked perfectly for me and my friends, some people actually require occasional overnight work and cramming, so it is up to you to figure out what works best in your case.


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