How to Write a Good College Paper

Writing college papers is not an easy thing, so no wonder many new students are concerned about it. However, when you are organized and have a clear understanding of the type of the paper needed, it is like a piece of cake. Actually, essays, research papers and thesis are not the same types of writing. That is why it is important to understand the difference between them.

College Essays

You should keep in mind that an essay of good quality requires time and efforts.
Basically, college essays are different in size, but there is a typical three-step format which consists of an introduction, the body, and conclusion.
The introduction is the basis for whole essay. Here, you have to include the thesis statement and the topic of the essay. Moreover, you should determine the main arguments you are going to discuss in the body.
In the body of the paper, you have to suggest appropriate information for every argument with good examples. Do not forget that each argument should have a separate paragraph.
In conclusion, you have to summarize all aforementioned information. Basically, the conclusion is a paraphrased introduction and the thesis statement. It should represent overall idea of the whole paper.
Many professors want the essay to have some sources. That is why you have to include not only class materials but also outside sources. These can be books, peer reviewed journals, specific websites (but do not rely on sources like Wikipedia or blogs). However, every outside source has to be properly formatted, so you have to consult citation guides, which are set by the Modern Language Association.
In fact, college essay is the most popular type of writing. That is why, the format may be different depending on the subject.

College Research Papers

A college research paper is of the same format as common essay, but a little bit more profound.
It begins with the introduction that comprises of a thesis statement. However, it is important to include a counter argument in the introduction.
The body of a research paper should have direct quotes from reliable sources (again, no Wikipedia). Moreover, it should have citations, footnotes, and endnotes.
Help in Writing Academic Papers
Transition from school to college essay writing might appear to be problematic. That is why there are special writing centers that help students to check essays. Tutors at these writing centers help to edit and format the papers properly.
So, writing college paper is not that difficult once you learn the structure and remember to cite all outside sources properly. Here are some helpful tips to ensure the writing process results in academic success:

• Organize yourself before writing the paper.

• Make an outline of your ideas and thoughts.

• Manage your time.

• Revise and rewrite. Take time to look through your paper couple of times. It will be beneficial for you.


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