How You Should Talk to a Professor

If you want to improve your academic performance and the learning process in general, you should know how to talk to a professor. Some of professors are not approachable, while others are glad to help students and communicate with them. Below you will find a few main points to consider while speaking with a professor.

1. Have good manners. First of all, you should clarify when your professor is available for meeting with you (of course, if his/her working hours are not provided in his schedule). However, as a rule, a sensible professor will get his hours accustomed to students’ plans. Don’t forget to knock at the door before entering and address him/her by name.

2. Remember that if you have an issue in a course, there are some sentences you should avoid :
“Will this impact my points?” This is playing a big part in your points. Everything depends on your hard work and efforts.
“Is it possible for me to get a B?” It will make professor think over your priorities. He/she will get an impression that you are interested only in your grade and not in learning the subject.
“I am actually an A student.” It will make your professor only angry with you. No one will put you a grade based on your reputation.

3. What you should do is to show your professor that you want to. He or she may offer you some ways to improve your learning process. These suggestions may be simple, but will make your work better. For instance, you may make a schedule or get a planner, divide a huge assignment into few small ones or put notes while reading.

4. If you misunderstood something in a class and want to discuss this with your professor, don’t be afraid to ask. Usually professor meets such interest with encouragement and kindness and will be happy to help you. If not, then you should look for another professor.

5. It is not that easy to end a conversation properly. Some professors may lose track of time. Don’t be scared to take an initiative to finish the talk if you need to.
I was a very modest student. However, my talks with the professors still give me a smile. Our conversations would last for hours. I found many interesting and useful things in those intellectual dialogues. You may get much genuine information and important facts after such conversations. Besides, these talks may help in improving your learning process. Don’t miss this chance too!


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