Introducing Free College Education

Free college education in USA was first introduced in Tennessee State at the end of 2015. This possibility was offered to the seniors who were about to graduate from high school. However, the tuition was not considered to be totally free – those teenagers who took part in the program were obliged to undergo eight hours of community works, apply for a 2.0 GPA, contact with a supervisor and work as a volunteer for several state services.

American Toll-Free Studying

Program Expansion

Some time later, the educational system of USA did not stop progressing. Less than in a year, Oregon State also implemented a similar toll-free studying program with a changed schedule. After that, the administration of San Francisco city created a different program that had a purpose to provide free education. Its funding source were freshers who had to sale some properties and did quite a nice job – they earned in total $5 million that was considered a great success. Two months after that, another big city, New York, became a pathfinder in free education and not only offered a 4-year studying program, but a 2-year as well. This was a real breakthrough in the sphere of toll-free education. Finally, not so long ago, Tennessee administration improved their program and from now they also offer costless studying for all adults as well.

Results of the Program

As it turned out, the idea that was implemented by Tennessee State became really profitable. During the first year of its operating, the amount of applicants increased significantly, while during the second year it became even greater, rising up by 80%. Although the number of high school graduates entering universities is still not as high as it should be, it is reinforced by adult students who are also eager to receive higher education. Many youngsters already have different life plan, stating that college education is simply a waste of money. They make families, apply for their first jobs and enjoy their lives without universities. Most of them end up not very well, living with parents, divorcing with their second half and losing jobs due to the lack of qualification. University is an entire school of life that makes you gain such valuable experience and wisdom so that after it you knew no obstacles and challenges.

Disadvantages of the Program

However, not everything is so bright here. The students that have already applied for these free programs complain that they feel really exhausted due to these community works and volunteer services. They have to keep up with the studying pace and also find enough time to “pay” for their education with such fee. The administration of Tennessee State claims that this is only a temporary condition that is applied only because of lack of finances. Soon, higher education will be more accessible even for low-income families without the ability to pay so much for studying.


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