Must-see Places in San Francisco

San Francisco is a city that will never stop amazing you. Those Victorian houses and appealing atmosphere won’t leave you indifferent. Moreover, there is always something to do. This charming and beautiful city will surprise you no matter how many times you have already been there.

My advice is to take warmer clothes with you because San Francisco can surprise you in terms of weather as well. But this surprise can happen to be colder than you would think. Be ready for breezy and chilly weather even in the middle of the summer.
However, you will definitely adore this city as I do. Here are some suggestions of places to visit during your stay in San Francisco.

1. Anchor Brewery

Today, Anchor Brewing is considered to be one of the most traditional breweries in the USA. Actually, Anchor Brewing has started the craft brewing movement. Its top beers are famous throughout the world. Did you know that those beers are still handmade in Anchor’s fascinating brew house?
Furthermore, Anchor Brewery offers breathtaking brewery tours. Apart from the interesting stories and new discoveries, you will be provided with delicious tastings. Who dares to refuse one?

2. The Painted Ladies

For those interested in architecture and stunning views, the Painted Ladies will be the heaven on earth. Discover these colorful houses, take a photo, enjoy the sunset, and chill out. This set of 7 iconic houses is absolutely worth seeing. "Postcard Row" is something that can’t be passed by. Even though these houses were built in the 1890s, they are not inferior to the modern ones (I would even say a way BETTER). All in all, go there, and check it out yourself.

3. Coit Tower

If you are seeking for absolutely gorgeous views, visit Coit Tower. It will provide you with a great view of the city and the bay. Discover its history, explore the building and its inside murals, be a part of it to fully embrace the greatness of the place.

4. The Mission District

Street art, young people, traditional burrito, atmosphere of real life. I guess, this location is definitely a “must go” place in San Francisco. Walls and fences throughout the Mission are decorated with unique murals you can’t miss. Besides, there are so many interesting festivals, parades and fairs held. That is definitely great experience.

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5. Golden Gate Bridge

The last but not the least place on my list of suggestions for your evening go out. Do you know that Golden Gate Bridge was once called the one that couldn’t be built? Well, as you can see, it is now one the seven wonders. Its magnificence is true indeed. Moreover, it is one of the most famous and photographed landmarks not just in San Francisco but in the world.
Come to San Francisco and discover its uniqueness yourself. You will never regret visiting this beautiful city.


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