Productivity Hacks That Transformed My Life and Business in 2016

This year was amazing for me because my income increased dramatically while my workload has been reduced. In this article I want to share with you my productivity tips that helped me to achieve this result.

1) Employ time-blocking. Have you ever wondered why people are struggling with endless to-do lists full of things they can never complete? I’m asking because before 2016 I was facing this problem too. Fortunately, I found the solution which is “time blocking”. It means scheduling the time in your day to accomplish the tasks that you have in your to-do list. It’s so simple, but somehow only few people do it. Once you start doing it, you will be flabbergasted by the fact that you haven’t done it earlier. Just take your to-do list and give each point a place in your calendar. When you are reaching the time blocks, remove all distractions and stay focused on what you are doing until you get your task done.

2) Multitask appropriately. Multitasking is reappraised because when you’re working on several tasks simultaneously, you decrease the quality of each task’s accomplishment. It may seem that you’re doing a lot of work and are very effective, but the truth is that you would have achieved greater results by giving all your attention to just one task until you finish it. In 2016, I promised myself not get involved into multitasking. When I’m driving, I’m just driving, no cell phone or other distractions. When I’m talking to my wife, I’m putting my laptop aside. You got the idea. It’s not easy to regroup if you got used to multitasking but it gets easier with practice. And it’s totally worth your efforts because being totally present in a moment and focused on what you’re doing is very rewarding. However, there’s one exception which is audiobooks. Listening to them doesn’t require any extra time, but it brings huge, sometimes even life-changing benefits. You can listen to audiobooks while you’re cooking, working out at the gym, or just taking a walk.

3) Use the power of processes. Before this we have only talked about tasks and how to get them done right, but one of my greatest discoveries is thinking about everything as a process. If you think in this way, you will notice that everything can be repeated and outsourced. And that’s the real efficiency booster. The most amazing thing about this way of thinking is the amount of work that you can outsource. Just imagine that you can give someone 80% of your workload. That’s what I did when I was working with the virtual assistant on the webinar system. Now it does most of the work instead of me – sends emails, sets up the webinars, and analyzes the results of campaign. All I need to do is to come and teach.

These three life hacks helped me make my 2016 an outstanding year. I hope, they will help you to make your 2017 unforgettable too!


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