Social Networks and Youth

Social networks have a strong influence on any personality and the process of behavior formation. Information on the Internet network is not well-organized and managed. The process of communication in social networks creates a special space (virtual reality) with a special type of communication, where new rules and laws arise. Satisfying the need for communication and moral support are the most important needs of the young personality. If people cannot meet them in real life, they use the Internet, which allows users to escape from the problems and difficulties.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networks

However, despite the fact that some online data can be obtained on the Internet network, and even photos and real images of the interlocutor do not give a realistic idea of it. The anonymity of communication on the Internet network contributes to self-presentation, giving the opportunity not only to create a good impression but also to be a person you want to be, which often leads to the emergence of deviant behavior and aggressiveness.

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The cognitive component of human activity on the Internet provides the opportunity for the search and assimilation of information, which is posted on websites, by adolescents, whose purpose is to expand, deepen, and refine their own perceptions of the world and virtual reality. Unlike other media, social networks combine text, photo, and video information. Using the Internet for learning, you can perceive the same information through different channels. This activity significantly improves the process of assimilating information.

Social Networks and the Psyche of the Younger Generation

Being in the virtual world and learning the information that is posted on social networks, each of us creates a system of values that define an exclusive attitude to certain actions, deeds, phenomena of both virtual and real life; determines our behavior and future social activity, which is a valuable component. Using social networks, people learn certain behaviors that are acceptable to the virtual world and eventually transfer them into real life. Users draw stereotypes and patterns, norms of action and form our social identity and self-esteem, which are not always adequate. This is a behavioral component of social networking.

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The main features of Internet communication in social networks are anonymity, the lack of non-verbal information, the setting of the desired features of the partner, voluntariness, the wish to have atypical and abnormal behavior (it is very difficult to control the actions of adolescents in social networks; therefore, aggression is often observed in virtual reality). A teenager satisfies hidden needs that are not followed in his or her real life with the help of a social network. This social resource ensures their implementation through the possibility of anonymous social interactions. Social networks have a lot of useful information and are an excellent means of communication; however, they can also affect the psyche of young people negatively. Therefore, you need to use the Internet correctly and learn how to manage your time properly. Pay more attention to walking with friends, entertainment, sports, and study in the real world.


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