The 10 Coolest Ladies from Cartoons

We all appreciate strong female characters. Resolute, witty, and badass, they bring a fresh perspective on that stereotyped images of women we had to deal with for ages. Surprisingly enough, there are numerous pretty tough women even in cartoons.

1.Daria Morgendorffer

The lead character of an MTV’s show, Daria is a walking combination of sarcasm and cynicism. She can’t be bothered with trivial little things in life. Books and pizza are her elements, and she’s rocking it.


Fierce and sparky, red-haired Merida is confident, smart, and knows exactly what her priorities are. A quiet life with a handsome prince is not on the list. Having a flair for archery, she is determined to make her own decisions. In addition, the cartoon gives a good insight into the complexity of mother-daughter relationships.

3.Jane Jetson

The prototype for famous animated mothers, Jane Jetson isn’t limited to catering to her family’s needs. While keeping the house in order, she still manages to find time to wind down. She enjoys quiet moments and always seeks to broaden her outlook.


Mulan might be one of the most groundbreaking characters in animation history. Smashing stereotypical and traditional boundaries, she depicts exceptional courage that many men can envy. Sadly, she has to disguise herself as a man to be treated equally.

5.Wilma Flintstone

Wilma may come across as just a pretty face but she’s also an inspiring character. Dealing with her husband’s silly behavior, she brings in rationality into their family and still manages to pursue her personal goal of becoming a reporter. And that all while looking flawless.


Not only is Tiana the first Afro-American Disney princess, but she’s also an outstanding businesswoman. She juggles two jobs moving forward to her dream. A handsome prince seems to be a rather nice bonus but not her top priority.

7.Velma Dace Dinkley

The vibrant Scooby-Doo squad wouldn’t have gone so far without its brains aka Velma. She is a classic image of a geeky girl whose intelligence saves her team a lot of trouble. Her kryptonite is her poor eyesight, but we all have weaknesses.

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8.Lisa Simpson

Her larger-than-life personality seems out of place in the Simpsons family. Always seeking justice, sweet, and intelligent Lisa brings a pinch of balance into the weird family. Her saxophone skills are on point, too.

9.Turanga Leela

Leela is probably one of the strongest female lead characters. Despite being an orphaned mutant, she’s still a badass spacecraft captain who more than once shows extraordinary courage and common sense. In addition, the soft female part of her personality makes her even cooler.

10.Marge Simpson

The mother of the Simpson’s family, Marge, has endured a lot. Still, she’s one of everyone’s favorite characters due to her unwavering patience, composure, and unique hair. Even her slight kleptomania doesn’t make us love Marge less.
This list is far from full because there are many strong women out there. Still, these particular ladies won a place in our hearts forever.


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