Things that Will Damage Your Best Thesis Title

Although you won’t probably think much about the careful formulation of your thesis topic, it deserves plenty of your attention. The title plays a major role in what kind of a first impression the reader will get. Thus, you need to have sufficient time for you and your thesis title. On the contrary, do not overthink after these warnings: writing a title is definitely not the most challenging task – just make sure you won’t be trapped by some petty mistakes.

Tips on how to Write a Proper Title for the Thesis

Do not Write Unnecessary Words

The title of the thesis should be formulated clearly and distinctly. It should make the reader understand what your topic is. Besides, the title should be as concise as possible in order not to confuse the reader. Therefore, do not make it excessively long and do not cram many sophisticated words there. These words might be unnecessary there as the reader will lose the main message.

Avoid Complex Nouns

Using complex nouns is the most widespread mistake students can make. Whether it is a high school paper or a Master’s thesis, they think that they will impress the audience with big, complex nouns starting from the paper title. Still, I really recommend you to provide synonyms to some complex words and always simplify words and phrases where possible.

Don’t Be Vague

In your title, you should clearly formulate what argument you’ll be putting forward in your thesis paper. Surely, the title is not lengthy for you to be able to communicate the topic fully and in detail. However, you should help your readers understand what the paper is about. Therefore, make sure you have enough time to decide on a title that will make your point clear and understandable without overloading reader with some extra information.

Don’t Be Boring

Try to find a balance between being overly boring and plain and too extraordinary. Well, the title of your thesis paper is surely not the same as the title of some celebrity magazine, where the main role of titles is to create some intrigue and make the audience read the article till the end. On the contrary, you won’t want to be really plain either as the person wanting to read the thesis may become bored from the very beginning. The main point here is that your thesis title should fulfill the function of succinctly presenting your main argument. Ideally, it should evoke interest in your readers and assure them that the work is worth the time spent on it.

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Nobody says that writing a thesis paper is a piece of cake. However, having written it, pay equally careful consideration to the title as well. The content is surely really important, but the thesis title is really decisive as it either makes a person want to read your research or put it down.

Hopefully, with the tips provided above, you will find the process of writing thesis titles far simpler.


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