Things You Must Know

The first year in college may seem awkward and scary since you enter an unfamiliar environment where everything is new to you. Although there will be many things you will discover on your own, check out this list to prepare yourself for common situations that happen to students during their freshman year.

8 useful tips for freshmen

1. Do not bring all your stuff with you. Soon you will discover that the things you used in high school are pointless in college. On the other hand, things that can be necessary are a bike, whiteboard, and earplugs.

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2.Think about your health. You are becoming an adult and making healthy choices is your duty. So, buy healthy food and prepare meals on your own. Do not overuse caffeine. Visit a gym. Its price is already included in the yearly payment. Also, remember about hygiene. Plan your laundry carefully because it is costly.

3.Do not skip classes. Studying is the most important goal when you are in college. So, devote your time to visiting all the classes in your schedule. You may use ratemyprofessor.com to find the most popular lectures. Moreover, check your syllabus often and complete extra credit assignments to improve the grades. You may also organize a group of your classmates and study together.

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4. Visit new places. There are a lot of interesting sights outside your campus. Explore them together with your new friends and get fresh memories. Also, remember about discounts you get using your student ID. On the other hand, do not go out at night alone and do not visit dangerous places.

5. Think about your future career now. Spend time polishing your resume and think about skills and experiences that are lacking. Look for internships that may add up to your resume. Also, develop skills and knowledge outside your studies in order to broaden your career options. You may join some easy classes where A is guaranteed to improve your resume.

6. Do not waste money. Buy books online rather than in a store. Also, remember about free things that are offered for students such as Frisbees, T-shirts, and Pizza. In addition, think about ways to earn extra money yourself.

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7. Make strong, friendly relationships with your classmates and roommates. Also, extracurricular activities will help you to get acquainted with people who have the same interests as you. Furthermore, communicate with your professors and people who work on campus. They may also give you some important tips on how to organize your student life.

8. Remember about comfort and safety in the dorm. Try to get the bottom bunk and hang curtains around to have a little privacy. Also, lock the door when you are going to bed.
These simple rules helped a lot of students to survive their first year in college. Use them and stay focused on the joys which student life brings.


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