Threat of Consumption of GMChicken

Americans consume genetically modified food every day, and chicken meat has recently become a constituent part of a daily ration of the majority of the US population. A dozen of researches has been conducted in order to prove the absence of harmful effect of inserted in food GMOs and hormones. However, those researches have never impaired the level of concerns regarding the GMO food.

Modern animal agriculture industry, including poultry, has significantly changed in comparison to the mid-nineties. The rapid growth of appetite for a cheap meat has led to the experimental usage of genetically modified feed ingredients for the raised flocks and resulted in the creation of huge food companies aimed at the production of no longer a chicken, but “layers” and “broilers”.

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Chicken Health: Improved or Deteriorated?

Nowadays, chicken is genetically modified with growth hormones, corn and soybeans pills, carcinogens and other drugs with the purpose to make the livestock grow faster and become larger in size. Because of the consumption of these GMOs, chickens started to suffer from health problems, such as obesity, heart attacks and lameness, whereas the food industry informs about the improvement of the overall chicken health since 1996.

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The unnatural growth of broiler chickens leads to the imbalance in the birds’ bodies. While their breasts become 80 percent larger in less than 45 days, the chicken’s legs, lungs and heart can’t stand the accelerated changes. The cardiopulmonary problems and degenerative bone disease start to develop, which results in a sudden death syndrome of the poultry and perpetuates a state of pain caused by irrelevant strain on legs. Moreover, to allow a broiler to grow to a full size, the bird is fed with less than a half amount of food and is kept in a constant state of hunger.

What Influence Does GM Chicken Have on Human?

Another burning issue that concerns genetically modified chickens is that we buy meat that apart from already containing genetically modified organisms is under threat of being contaminated with such toxic chemicals as arsenic, salmonella or other hazardous bacteria. While The Poultry Site confirms that the chickens bought and then eaten from grocery stores are not injected with growth hormones and are highly selected in order to successfully meet the nutritional needs of the chicken, the Consumer Reports reveals the truth about threat of consumption of genetically modified chickens that may lead to the hormone imbalance, cardiovascular disease, diabetes or in more serious cases cause cancer.

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How to Prevent GM Chicken Consumption?

To alter the situation, urgent measures should be taken. First of all, the society’s awareness should be raised and more companies oriented on the health and well-being of consumers should be created. Secondly, farmers should be conscious about using GMO-free feed and avoid poisoning chickens with antibiotics and drugs that may become detrimental not only to the poultry but humans as well. Our future is in our hands. Let’s make it safe together!


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