Tips for Becoming a Self-Employed Writer

If you have finished your studies and started to look for a position of a journalist, you might be interested in becoming a freelancer. Nowadays, the job market is so competitive that holding a diploma is not enough for becoming successful. That is why you should apply a bit of creativity and non-standard thinking.

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Although being your own chef may be more challenging that it appears to be at first sight, you can achieve greats heights if being a writer is something you really want to do in your life. There are various ways of becoming a freelancer, and you can choose any as long as it brings you profit. For example, you may create an account on such websites as Freelancer and Upwork. There, you will find many customers that will help you gain experience. Moreover, these websites check the trustworthiness of all employers, so you will avoid the risk of losing money.

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In case you decide to send your pieces of writing to a journal or a newspaper, make sure you don’t give up after the first rejection. Keep sending them your materials and sooner or later they will notice you. This advice works for any kind of activity. If something wasn’t achieved from the first try, keep on going and your perseverance will be eventually rewarded. In addition, it will help you make many acquaintances and establish contacts with potential clients or employers.

The Advantages of Being a Freelancer

The main benefit of being self-employed is the opportunity to create your own schedule that would be suitable for you personally. Moreover, you would do something that you like, and it would make you feel more content with your life. If you can’t get up early in the morning, you can fulfill your tasks at night and vice versa. Apart from it, you will be able to start another part-time job and combine it with freelancing.

The Disadvantages of Working on Your Own

The main drawback of becoming a freelancer is the instability of the orders you receive. As a result, one month can be outstandingly profitable, whereas the next one can bring you no profit at all. The worst in this situation is the fact that you can never predict it. You should also be careful with companies that want you to do your job for free just in order to provide you with valuable experience. It does work with famous magazines that are read by many people, but when it comes to ordinary business, you should always ask them to pay. Finally, if you find yourself a little bit lazy, freelancing will most probably be unsuitable for you, as it requires mush self-discipline and motivation.

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So, once you decide that it is the calling of life, you will undoubtedly achieve all your goals.


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