Tips that Will Help You Concentrate on Studying

All students have been there: sitting at the desk and studying attentively, and then suddenly finding ourselves distracted by anything else. However, a focus is what you need most of all to be able to study.

So, how do you concentrate on studies? Here are several steps to help you regain focus if you get distracted.

Get Rid of Evident Distractions

Switch off your laptop and phone unless you prepare for your classes. Also, turn off the music with vocals. Keep in mind that music should be lyric-free. If you have children, find a babysitter for a couple of hours. If you live with roommates, leave the house and go to the least popular spot in the library or another quite study spot. For your study sessions, you should make yourself inaccessible to people so that you do not lose your focus if somebody wants to chat.

Anticipate Your Physical Needs

During intense study sessions, you will probably get thirsty. So, make sure to grab a beverage before starting to study. Besides, you will probably require some power snack. So, take some healthy snack, too.

Use a bathroom, put on something comfortable and open the window to let the fresh air come into the room.

By anticipating all the physical needs before a study session, you prevent yourself from getting out of your seat and losing the concentration.

Choose the Best Time to Study

It is obvious that a morning person should have study sessions at a.m., while for a night owl, the evening is better. No one knows you better then you do, so select the time when you are the most productive and the least tired.

Answer Your Internal Questions

There are times when distraction is not coming from the external, but invades from within. When such distractions arise, first accept them, and then simply push them aside with a logical answer. It might seem a bit silly, but by answering your own internal questions, you concentrate your mind back on what you want.

For example:
Question: “When will I get a raise?” Answer: “I will ask my boss about it on Monday.”
Question: “When will I be able to get my life pieces together?” Answer: “It is an excellent beginning. I am studying as I am supposed to be, so this is the right direction.”

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Get Rid of Negativity

You will never be able to concentrate on studying if you have all kinds of negative thoughts about this process. If you are one of those students who hate studying, you have to learn how to replace those negative statements about studying into positive ones. This will help you avoid upsetting when you just open up your notes.

Get Physical

Some of us are just antsy. Such people simply need to be doing anything, and their bodies cannot make the connection that they are actually doing something while they are studying. If you are such a person, try using several things to trick your body and your brain: a pen, a rubber band or a ball.

Use a pencil to underline key words while reading and cross off all the incorrect answers while completing a practice test.

Read a question sitting down, then stand and bounce the ball while thinking of an answer.

Stretch a rubber band or play with it while answering questions.


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