Top 3 Common Application Essay Tips: 2018-2019 Prompts

Once in a lifetime, you will for sure face the necessity of writing the application essay. If you have no idea of how to devise this paper successfully, read the following tips.

Remember to Tell a Story with Your Essay

There is no need in showing off all the eloquence you have acquired during your studies. However, a lot of students feel like it is the most important part of the application essay. Your story may consist of beautiful phrases, but first of all, it should be a story. The most important tip you should follow here is to start not from the beginning, but from the middle of the most interesting scene. That will catch your reader’s attention at once. Then you can provide all the details of your character’s path.

Carefully think of the scenery, storyline, and your character and his abilities to resolve problems. You have to show admission officers whether you are able to cope with the difficulties and learn lessons.

Be Special

One of your tasks while writing an essay is to entertain the reader. Remember to excite the reader with a thoughtful or unusual character, his impressive actions, and so on. It is important to show your character from your own perspective, that’s why, remember to filter every action through your own personality.

Here it is necessary to show something special about you. What are the specific features or even flaws that make you a unique candidate? You should not be afraid to acknowledge your areas of weakness and write about them! It will not diminish your image. On the contrary, it will show how mature you are, a quite important feature of a college student.

Provide more Details

What you will learn right now is a very important tip. Personal essays should contain a narrative. That means that you have to show but not to tell. You may ask what it’s all about? The answer is that the person, who is reading your essay, has to experience the same things you did, just through the reading itself.

Many aspiring writers fail to show what they have experienced by only telling how it was. So what is the difference between showing and telling? It is the same one as between describing and simply summarizing. When making a description, you give as many interesting details as possible. When writing a summary, you just give a reader an overall impression of your experience without showing your feelings.

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One of the most important things you have to remember is to distinguish between the writing itself and the editing process. These two processes require that you should switch between various modes of writing. So make sure you go to editing after you have written at least one section of your essay. You can go back to editing every time you finish your few paragraphs.

Those were the basic tips of the writing application essays. Hope every admission officer will be fascinated by yours!


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