Top 5 Secrets of Great CV Writing

The job market is over-saturated nowadays. About 60 people apply for every low-skilled position. More than 20 send their resumes for vacancies requiring skills. On average, 50% of all applicants are suitable for the jobs.
CVs are taken as representations of what you would be like as an employee. There are some mistakes, especially those connected to grammar and spelling, that are easy to avoid. For everything else, we’ve prepared a list of recommendations everyone can find useful.

Key points

Most people think that all they need to do in order to create a great CV is list their skills and experience and they will be appreciated. The truth is, your resume needs to be tailored for every position you are interested in. Many HR representatives do a word search before reading the CV, and if the requirements stated in the advertisement do not appear in the text, you probably won’t pass to the next stage.
Some other tips include being concise, including exclusively positive and accurate information, and making sure to reread your CV at least twice. You don’t want to lose the job of your dreams because of a misprint.

Desperate measures

Sometimes, finding a job is way harder than it’s supposed to be. With the financial crisis not far behind us, many companies are still downsizing or are very cautious about hiring.
This is exactly why as a candidate in an overflowing pool of potential employees you need to find a way to stand out. For example, if your field of choice is marketing, try promoting yourself. Being active on social media, making videos, entering professional competitions are the ways to get yourself noticed by employers.

Changing CVs

Modesty is not a feature much appreciated in modern world, and it can be especially detrimental while looking for a job. Many companies want more than a simple two-page CV. Some employers require you to complete their own application forms online. Others want a little more creativity and ask candidates to record a short video.
However, a good CV is still useful. It will help you get your thoughts into order and your information up-to-date.

Help and examples

People seeking a job and not knowing where to start should definitely try looking online. There are many web-sites and databases with lists of job opportunities, both permanent and temporary. Some are country or region specific, and some offer tasks for freelancers that you can complete from anywhere in the world.
Also, if you are not sure how to structure your CV, there are free templates and factsheets available.
Whatever your profession is, always remember to be persuasive, patient, and showcase your best skills and experiences. Do try to stand out, but keep it reasonable. Additionally, remember that an entry-level position is better than being unemployed. Good luck with your job search!


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