Top 5 Tips to Write a Winning College Application Essay

An application essay is a very important component of the admission process. Nearly all colleges agree on this. Even an excellent student can get rejected if he or she writes a poor college admission essay. On the other hand, students who have marginal scores can get into the educational institution of their dreams by crafting a stellar admission essay. Use these top five tips to write an essay that admission officers will admire:

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Don’t Use Lists

Many applicants try to squeeze all their activities and accomplishments in their essays and when this happens, their essays get boring and tedious. Needless to say, a tedious essay can’t bring you good results. Instead of making huge lists, tell a fascinating story with a clear focus. Choose details carefully and make sure that your essay follows the point that you want to make in each paragraph. Uncover your passions and personality and explain why exactly you are interested in studying in this college. Use your essay to show that the depth of your personality.

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Use Humor

Being mature and thoughtful is good, but if you don’t want your college application to look heavy, add a touch of humor to it. Use a well-placed joke or a smart metaphor or some self-deprecating humor. Buy don’t get too carried away by it, because your essay may start to look ridiculous. Remember that your main goal is to show your depth and appropriateness for this collage and humor is just a good bonus. If an essay looks more foolish than clever, it won’t make a good impression on the admission committee.

Use the Right Tone

Showing the depth of your personality is a must, adding a touch of humor is good and using the right tone is crucial. And sometimes it’s difficult to understand what tone is the right one, especially when you need to fit your whole story into 750 words. You need to balance between your accomplishments and values, so that you don’t look arrogant. The right tone is what keeps your essay together and creates an overall impression about your paper.

Show Your Character

Personal qualities and character are very important in terms of admission decisions. You can show your character in three places: extracurricular activities, if you were involved in many, during the interview if you had one, and in your admission essay. Among these three options, your essay is the most illuminating and immediate to the admission committee.

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Mind Your Writing Skills

Punctuation errors, spelling mistakes and grammatical problems show your literacy level, and if it’s low, then it will definitely decrease the probability of being accepted. If there are a lot of errors in your application, an admission officer may simply not understand it. This is why your success in the college partly depends on your writing skills. In case writing is not your strongest side, seek assistance from someone who can get you ready for writing a good admission essay.

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