Top 6 Essential Job Boards for Freelance Writers

There has been no better time to write in the whole history of mankind. The era of the Internet has opened fascinating opportunities for both writers and traditional journalists where only the sharpness of your mind and the intensity of your talent define the limit of your achievement potential.

Nevertheless, you have to find opportunities which will help you to show your potential first.


Darren Rowse is surely a guru of the blogging world and his resource Problogger is one of a kind. Jobs of different levels of difficulty are available there – from offers for beginners to expert freelance writing jobs. The advertisers should pay $50 for the post to appear for 30 days, so job opportunities offered there are definitely of the highest quality. Unfortunately, not all jobs are noble because some gigs require freelancers to manipulate search results. However, most of the jobs offered there are of the top quality.

Freelance Writers Den

Another veteran of freelance writing Carol Tice has opened her own job board. She only accepts new members several times per year, but as well as by Problogger, the quality of the jobs leads is outstanding. Pay $25 on a monthly basis to find job opportunities, get access to the active forum community and great resources for freelance writers.

Writers Weekly

Owned by Angela Hoy, this resource exists for 20 years and is one of the most popular freelance writing websites on the Internet. Being a part of it, you can receive a newsletter with lots of quality job leads on a weekly basis.

Media Bistro

It’s more than just a simple job board because you can also find a stupendous amount of useful resources for writers and media jobs here. Another advantage of MediaBistro is that it allows you to seek jobs by location.

It is a new but excellent resource from the renowned freelance blogger Thomas Ewer. Although this project only has a beta-version now, when it will go full-force, you should make sure of being the first in the waiting line. The fee for beta memberships is $20 per month whereas the job leads you can find there are much more valuable. Just imagine – I’ve got 650-1,400 word gig for $320. Try to beat that!

Journalism Jobs

A magnificent resource for journalists, where you can find both national and local job opportunities. Jobs for TV, radio, newspaper as well as online jobs for any stage of journalism career could be found there.

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In the modern age, even a lazy person can earn money by logging into one of the six job boards listed above and walking away with a decent writing job. While the job boards where you have to pay for membership offer quality leads, you can also find a lot of interesting offers in the free job boards. In order to get the best results, I recommend selecting several free job boards with the addition of at least one paid job board to your working routine.


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