Twelve Most Popular Research Paper Topics in the Field of Accounting

Students face the biggest challenges when writing research papers in accounting. Firstly, they need to find credible and trustworthy sources, especially web sources and the most recent statistical data. Secondly, they need to meet all the standards and ensure that they address all the major points precisely and consistently. Last but not least, most importantly, they need to properly choose the topic for their paper, in particular formulate it in a proper way. Some students claim that it is boring to explore something widespread and known to everyone, so they tend to come up with the brand new topics. On the one hand, it will be really interesting for their readers to learn some new information, but on the other hand, such students do not even realize how many troubles they will have with this research. First and foremost, they will have the biggest problem with finding necessary sources because, since the topic is not well explored, there will be little or no printed material. So, in such a way, it will be really unwise to choose something like that. So, to ease you the task of choosing an appropriate topic, we have devised a list of top twelve topics in accounting that you would probably like to opt for in an urge to write a perfect research paper.

  • Auditing. It belongs to one of the largest constituents of accountancy, and therefore, you have numerous aspects to explore in your research paper. Depending on the academic level or the type of the paper you are writing, you will want to investigate one or several aspects of auditing in great detail.
  • Taxes. There are different kinds of taxes, namely corporation tax, inheritance tax, counsel tax, sales tax, and many others. Therefore, this topic can be interesting for you. Here you can focus on one type of taxing and explore it coherently and logically. Besides, such a research will be of enormous interest to your readers as often people don’t know their rights and obligations when it comes to taxes.
  • Financial Markets. This is the topic many people don’t understand. Therefore, others will really appreciate if they get sufficient and well-grounded research in this topic.
  • Managerial Accounting. Research the best ways that managers can make the most efficient decisions based on the accountancy information.
  • Debt Management. For many people, debts can be an inescapable thing in life. Therefore, it is interesting for many to find out how to manage them and resolve potential arising problems.
  • Personal Financing. Research what are the pros and cons for a person to hire a personal accountant. I’m sure this topic will be interesting for many entrepreneurs.
  • Organizational Culture. How are accountancy procedures influenced by the objectives of different organizations and their culture?
  • Payroll Accounting. Investigate what the best ways to perform the management of payrolls are.
  • Cash Flow. Research the alterations in the cash flow and the ways to provide positive improvements in the future.
  • Business Investments. How can businesses improve their investment?
  • Accounting Information Systems. With many businesses going global and online, information systems in accounting have become a topical issue. Therefore, you may investigate it, as well.
  • Future Developments. What is the future of accountancy? What will be changed and what will be modified?

As you see, each of these subjects is fairly interesting to investigate, so you may choose the one you like most and provide a solid research.


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