Weekend Outdoor Activities Free of Charge

Weekend is coming soon, and you are already making plans of what to do and where to go. The city offers a variety of activities you are eager to choose. These are concerts, parties, night clubs, restaurants, cinemas, etc. However, since you earn money not just to throw them around, consider the following options.

Whatever the weather, you will find a suitable variant for your weekend go out. You will have fun, and you will be in the company of other people. What is the most important – you won’t spend too much money.

Here are some handy tips to have fun at the weekend without suffering a loss.


Leave your apartment or house and go out. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a big park full of attractions, such as a zoo, a reservoir, or a carousel. You just need a walking path. It may be by the river, around a lake or in the forest. Look at the flowers and blooming trees, enjoy the birds’ singing, and breathe fresh air. Apart from the beauty you are able to see, you also keep fit.

According to statistics, those, who walk at least 30 minutes a day, tend to stay fit as compared to those who keep up sedentary lifestyle. Thus, a nice walk is definitely what you need. Besides, what can be better after the tough working week at the office.

2.Day at the Beach

Looking forward to finally getting a nice suntan? Well, you don’t need to go to the most expensive beaches in your city. Choose the one that has nice and peaceful atmosphere. There are plenty of free options.

Besides, you have a great opportunity to swim and dive. In addition to getting a nice suntan, spending time on a beach is absolutely rewarding. It brings a lot of benefits for your body at once. Moreover, such type of an activity is pleasant and appealing for most of us.

Invite your friends or go there alone. Whatever suits you, you will have a chance to spend quality time in a great place. To make your recreation even more economical, take a lunch from home.


Brunches are usually money-consuming. Not everyone can afford them. Come on, forget this stereotype!

You can easily make your brunch reasonably priced. Brunch shouldn’t necessarily be in a restaurant where you leave a big deal of money. Brunch is an activity to meet with nearest and dearest. So, why not move your brunch to the park? You can enjoy both the food and the company.

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I’m sure there are other options to spend your weekend without blowing too much money. Just be creative and enjoy your life!



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