What’s the Purpose of Education

Why do we need education? What an annoying question, you might think right now. However, when years after graduation you meet your former group mates who were close to being expelled but now drive a ridiculously expensive car while you commute by bus to your tedious work every morning, you might start asking yourself this question. Why do we even need education when it doesn’t determine our future? That’s when you need to be reminded of the role good education plays in our lives.

Professional Development

Let’s be honest, unless you have some revolutionizing ideas and you’re planning to introduce the world to something brand new, you need to study to acquire proper skills necessary for any job on the market. Education helps you to narrow down to a specific sphere of work and become a competitive professional in it.

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You can still follow your aspirations, but having a diploma in something practical is a nice validation that you will never end up without a job. If your dreams don’t work out, you can use the plan B and play your education card.

If your dreams already lay in the sphere of your education, you have a lot more chances of the career growth if you have higher education. Of course, your skills and abilities will be the decisive factor, but the presence of a diploma is still a required condition for people who want to take higher positions.

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Personal Development

You might think that all those preparations, exams, essays, deadlines, and presentations will be the death of you, but in reality, they are a boost for your mind. Going through college is worth the effort at least because there you learn important skills of organizing your time, prioritizing, and working towards a certain result.

If you’ve trained your brain to perceive and analyze new information, you’ll find it a lot easier in your daily life. You’ll develop new skills a lot faster than people without education and you’ll find yourself able to quickly adjust to new conditions since you had to constantly do it in college.

The process of getting education gives us not only knowledge itself, but also many valuable life lessons. When you’re a student, you learn how to be smart with your expenses, how to deal with different types of people, how to act under unpredictable circumstances and how to organize your life. When you’re thrown in this buzzing lifestyle, you can’t help but become a self-sufficient and independent person.

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Even if you end up going a completely different path, you can still apply the knowledge you’ve gained at university. It’s true that some things you’ll forget immediately, but others will stick in your mind forever and will make you a well-developed and intelligent person who is confident in him- or herself.

To sum up, don’t regret your college years even if it seems now that they were a waste of time. You might not be aware of it, but your education has shaped you into a different and better person.


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