Worthy Tips to Write an Essay

Are you ready to get a grip on yourself and finally start improving your writing skills? It is high time to sit for a while and consider the following tips we suggest you to get better in your writing. Of course, you won’t have any use of just reading these tips. To make your writing perfect, you need to amply the given advice in practice, be patient and diligent in your attempts, and you will gradually start to notice significant changes in what you do.

Determine the Target

Before writing any type of essay, it is essential to make clear what is supposed to be discussed, revealed, analyzed, compared, and etc. Read the task carefully and stick to the initial purpose of the type of essay you are asked to write. Depending on whether it is expository, persuasive, analytical, argumentative, or any other kind of essay, you need to determine the main goal, the style, the target reader, approaches, and methods you will use while writing.

Plan Your Time

As soon as you receive the task, figure out how much time is left till the deadline. It is the important to execute step, as your grade depends on it. Divide the time you have to complete the task in a way you are able to investigate the issue, to write about it, and to proofread. Procrastination is a bad idea unless you don’t care about the results.

Think Critically

Being a student means that you are more mature not only from the point of age category but from the point of the way you think as well. Writing essay is no more rephrasing someone’s ideas. It includes academic approach, when you agree or disagree with represented theories and suggest your own concepts, explanations, and arguments.

Pay Attention to the Cohesion of the Text

It goes without saying that any essay you write must have the following structure: the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. The text should be consistent, logical, and expounded in a clear manner. Each sentence of the next paragraph should be connected with the previous paragraph and various cohesive devices such as pronouns, conjunctions, references, ellipses will help you to provide the text with the imperative contiguity.

Prove Your Statements with Evidence

Unfortunately, plagiarism is very popular among students. They either quote or paraphrase other people’s ideas without citing the sources they used. However, you should bear in mind that a completely “novel” essay without credible citations, alert the instructor’s attention as it is impossible to write a profound essay without dealing with ideas of scholars, scientists, philosophers, and etc. Prove your statements with evidences! It will show your expertness in topic you are writing about.


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