Writing a CV: 6 Great Ideas

Applying for a job is stressful no matter whether you do it for the first time or for the thirtieth. Your CV is of paramount importance. It can either get you an interview or eliminate you as a candidate right away. This is why we made a list of six things to remember when creating a resume.

Start with the basics

You don’t have to stick to a particular template when creating a CV, but you do have to cover several mandatory sections. Include your personal information, qualifications, experience, hobbies, and achievements. Also, you may add some references, even if the employer did not ask for them.

Think about presentation

No employer in their right mind would ever choose a CV that looks sloppy, has oily spots on it, or was printed on cheap, crumpled paper. You resume is a representation of who you are, so make sure it looks amazing. Remember that human eyes naturally focus on the upper middle section of any page. You can include all the most relevant information there.

Keep it short

You don’t need to relay your life history in a CV. Limit yourself to two A4 pages. After all, this is more than enough to make a point. Most recruiters receive piles of CVs daily and they don’t bother to read them through. What you need to do is show that you fit the position well. Imagine that your employer has a checklist in their head. Your aim is to leave all the boxes checked.

Read the job description carefully

Many people complain that they have no idea what recruiters what from them, but that’s only because they are not mindful enough. All the required skills and character traits are listed in the description of the vacancy. If you don’t have a listed skill, use the one you do have to cover for it. For example, even if you don’t have an experience communicating with clients, you can still include that retail job you took to pay your way through college as customer service experience.

Tailor your CV every time

There is no such thing as a generic CV. Each position is a tiny bit different and by tailoring your resume, you can show the recruiter that you’ve done your research and are really interested in the company. You don’t have to make a new CV each time. Tweaking small details can still have a big impact.

Utilize your skills

Make sure to use the skills that make you different from other applicants. Almost everyone will include things like teamwork, communication, and problem solving. Try to include unique things instead, like speaking a foreign language, the ability to work with specific computer programs, etc.
Follow these pieces of advice and sooner or later you will get an excellent position you have been dreaming about. Just don’t forget to update your CV regularly to have the most recent and correct information.


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