Writing a Marvelous Critical Essay is not a Challenge Any Longer

You are supposed to write a critical essay, and you are at a complete loss. You feel that it is going to be a disaster without some professional guidance and valuable advice. What you need is clear information about the appropriate format of a critical essay, the best topics that may draw the readers’ attention, a perfect structure that will make an essay easy to follow, and samples of good quality.

Critical essay writing has some particular features that make it stand out among other types of academic writing. A profound analysis of a chosen piece of reading is supposed to contain both the summary of the text, and the evaluation of the reading done from the point of view of the author. The skill of using critical thinking in writing is difficult to acquire; however, it is always exciting to work on its improvement.

Things to Remember while Writing a Critical Essay

It is crucial to get a perfect understanding of what criticism is before writing a critical essay. Only if a student has a clear understanding of the essence of critical approach, an essay will be successful. Please note that criticism excludes any kinds of offence or attacking different points of view. A critical essay should reveal the position of the author; though, it should be based on the objective analysis of the text under study.

The tone of a well-written critical essay should be serious and absolutely tolerant. It is forbidden to touch the emotions or personal feelings of the author. Only respectful attitude is allowed no matter whether a critical essay is aimed at approving or disapproving the analyzed text. The author’s statements are effective only if they are supported by the well-chosen quotes.

How to Write a Successful Critical Essay

If you intend to impress the readers with your critical essay, you should write it in strict accordance with the following advice and recommendations:

  • Every criticism should be ‘healthy’. The text should be assessed and not judged negatively.
  • Every criticism should be well-grounded and supported with examples and evidence. Each statement is supposed to be based on logical thinking and profound analysis of the content, not mere assumptions.
  • Objectivity is a must. Subjective judgments should be excluded.
  • Evaluations provided by reputable experts should be referred to.

Effective Structure of a Good Critical Essay

There should be two obligatory pars of a perfect critical essay:

  • Summary of the writer’s opinion;
  • Analysis and evaluation.

The first part (summary) should include the analysis of the following aspects:

  • the main ideas of the text;
  • the key facts that serve as a basis of the author’s thesis;
  • the author’s message, i.e. what the author wants the readers to think and do.

The second part (analysis and evaluation) should include the following:

  • analysis of the key facts used by the author. It is important to do this analysis on the basis of the principles of relevance, tolerance, and correctness;
  • evaluation of the consistency and logics in the statements presented by the author;
  • comparing and contrasting the thesis of the literary work to the writer’s personal opinion and the generally accepted standards.

Samples and Examples of High-Quality Critical Essays

There are special databases of excellent samples of critical essays online. It is absolutely free to have a look at them to see which techniques the writers use to make the essays effective. However, you should keep in mind that using the samples and submitting the available examples will be considered as pure plagiarism!

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Great Topics of Critical Essays

There are loads of outstanding topics for critical essays. You can find some examples online or think of a good topic yourself. Some of the topics are presented below to give you a hint and guide you in the right direction.

  • Critical Essay on a Concert
  • Critical Essay on the Films of Woody Allen
  • Critical Essay on Promoting the Ideas of Democracy
  • Critical Essay on Hamlet by Shakespeare
  • Critical Essay on Child Abuse Policies
  • Critical Essay on a Political Event or Activity, etc.


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