Free «Atomic Bomb» UK Essay Paper

Free «Atomic Bomb» UK Essay Paper

Thesis Statement: United States should lead in supporting the abolishment of proliferation of Atomic Bombs

-         American presidents both current and in the future should emphasize the goal of a world without atomic bombs and really mean it

  • Atomic bomb production has been resulting from competition against the super powers (U.S. being one of them)
  • Showing commitment would make other regions have a second other and allow deliberations
  • Without absolute commitment to the elimination of atomic bombs in the U.S., other states will not support the nonproliferation inspections, controls and rules, over diverse fissile materials

-         The enforcement mechanisms and verification procedures required to achieve this would be ideal in augmenting U.S. and global security in a period when atomic bombs productions are likely to expand globally.

  • The control over atomic bomb production materials is necessary to enable disarmament for the already produced atomic bombs
  • Enforcement mechanisms and verification would also enable the reduction of risks that terrorists can access atomic bomb production materials

-         If deterrence would work everywhere starting from the U.S. at all times, there would be less worries on issues regarding proliferation

  • Everyone would be assured of a world free of atomic bombs
  • Cold war would cease across the globe


  • Atomic bomb disarmament is higher on the U.S. as an international agenda now than it has been in the long history of the nuclear age.
  • It will require U.S. to play the role model and serve as an example to other regions on abolishing atomic bombs.
  • Another intense and destructive cold war could be threatening a comeback and affect the globe if no measures are taken in place.
  • Respecting and putting into practice international treaties on the abolishment of atomic bombs is the only way forward for successful relations.
  • The prospect of a world free of atomic bombs does not make its attainment viable, let alone foreseeable unless all countries reciprocate and join force in a co-evolutionary process.

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