Free «Case Analysis 4 – Google» UK Essay Paper

Free «Case Analysis 4 – Google» UK Essay Paper

1. The transition from analog broadcasting to digital broadcasting by most television companies in 2009 could have been a turning point for Google to venture into wireless telecommunication industry (Gross, 2007). The Federal Communication Commission sought to auction the 1,999 wireless licenses in freed 700MHz band spectrum (Gross, 2007). The Google Company decided to go for the C-Block of the network spectrum (Gross, 2007). Google was hoping for the ability to collaborate with other wireless telecommunication companies to build, manage, and control the mobile Internet, and determine the cost of bandwidth. Collaboration with other stakeholders might be the smartest move that The Google Company could make to minimize cost of maintenance and daily running of the venture. Successful growth, development, and expansion of wireless software portfolio and search engine could have been the motivating factors steering the company towards venturing into the wireless industry.

2. Monopoly owned by the mobile services providers in the United States of America had been pushing consumers to the wall when it came to service delivery. Cellular companies controlled the network, mobile devices, and the software that the mobile consumers used. It was time Google Company freed the consumers from such unfair monopoly of the mobile companies. The renowned search engine company named Google decided to bring the feel of personal computer web-browsing into the mobile devices. The goal was to increase the quality of applications and services. With the support of Open Access, Google’s wireless network would be able to deliver more services compared with the conventional cellular companies. Consumers, on the other hand, have been vigorously supporting Google in the fight for the wireless spectrum bid (Gross, 2007). It would be a great disappointment for the cellular companies if Google won the bid. Google’s venture into the wireless network industries would prompt the mobile companies to become more efficient or to lose the battle to this Internet giant. If users are not satisfied by the cellular companies’ services, then Google could obviously take advantage of this fact to stay ahead of the competition.

3. The Google Company prides itself on the best online advertising and marketing. These are the two main core activities of Google. Many bidders, including Google itself, in the auction of the 700MHz wireless networks have been eyeing the C-Block network spectrum of the 12 provincial licenses (Gross, 2007). This network spectrum can be utilized to produce a 50-state network (Sayer, 2007). The Google Company cannot accomplish this task alone, as there is a lack of knowledge in wireless networking. Therefore, it cannot shy away from collaborating with any willing carrier company. By doing so Google would be in a suitable position for winning the wireless bid. This collaboration will be mutual beneficial. Both Google and the willing carrier would expand their activities and knowledge base. The core activity of the carrier company would be to operate and maintain a wireless network, while Google’s core competency would be online advertising.

4. The case of Google can be applied to the TCOs. The attempt of Google to buy into the wireless sphere applies to TCO A, TCO C, TCO D and TCO E. TCO A focuses on the dynamics in the industry. Google focuses on dynamics of technological innovation. The company should also understand its competitors who might be a hindrance to conquering the wireless network. In this regard, Google faces stiff competition from carriers like Verizon and AT&T among many others. TCO C focuses on the industry’s core competency. Google’s core competency is the wireless spectrum in its attempt to buy into the wireless deal. TCO D focuses on the internal innovation and technological sourcing. It would be beneficial for Google to collaborate with other carriers in case the company won the wireless network.

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