Free «Communication Abroad» UK Essay Paper

Free «Communication Abroad» UK Essay Paper

Nowadays people communicate much easier than in previous centuries. At home, they maintain connection with the help of cell phones, e-mails, phone messages, various applications such as What's Up, Skype, Messenger etc. A lot of communication is done through the social networks. Finally, people share photos and videos by means of Instagram and numerous similar applications. In general, all of the abovementioned means of communication has several exclusions even when a person stays abroad. The aim of this paper is to examine the ways of communication while travelling abroad.

Perhaps, the most convenient way to keep in touch is to buy phone cards. As usual, they are available in both host and foreign countries. The option of purchasing them online is also provided. It might be even cheaper to choose the latest option. These cards allow making calls for the certain fee, which is usually calculated per minute. Phone cards are perfect for those who travel for a short period of time.

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In case a person intends to stay longer than a couple of days and he / she has an urgent need for communication, especially one carried out over phone, he / she should consider the opportunity to buy sim-card and use it with the help of his / her cell phone. Of course, this option is more convenient than the previous one since a person should not look for the public phones to use his / her phone card.  

In some states, it is possible to rent a cell phone even with the sim-card. The purchase of sim-card might be very comfortable for making calls within the country of stay as it is extremely affordable. Therefore, those whose activities will include a lot of communication with the people living in the foreign country should consider an option of buying local sim-cards. In addition, a person might also purchase Travel-sim cards and similar ones since it makes the calls, as well as messages cheaper. At the same time, it should be noted that local sim-cards are suitable for only domestic calls, whereas the use of them ight be expensive for the international calls. In order to make the latter a person might choose among three options. On the one hand, nowadays, a lot of extremely convenient travelling options are offered by all phone operators. So that, a person might evaluate the conditions that are proposed by each of them and choose the one that best suits his /her interests. Sometimes there are tariffs specifically designed to make the international calls for a chosen country or geographic region less expensive. The person who intends to travel might also choose the several sim-cards that will make the communications over the phone as well as the use of Internet more affordable. Secondly, in order to use phones, a person could also apply to the phone centers that specifically provide the services related to communication (The University of Texas and San Antonio, 2014). Perhaps, this option would be especially convenient for older people who do not manage to make calls on their own and need some help to make them. Such centers are usually located in the center of the city, so that they are easy to find. Lastly, the third option, which is chosen the most frequently and is extremely popular among the youth, refers to Internet resources enabling international calls and communication through applications and social networks.

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The cheapest way to communicate while staying abroad is through the Internet applications (Perkins, 2012). Perhaps, it is not always convenient for the person to find Internet access, but this type of keeping in touch gets more popular with every single day. Indeed, such programs and applications as What's up, Skype and others have made our life easier. Perhaps, in every city, there is a lot of hot spots. At least, they are freely accessible at the universities, colleges, cafes, canteens, libraries, hospitals, theatres and other public places. Some cities even provide Internet access within the area of its historical centre or in public transport. For example, in Norway, all trains are equipped with Wi-Fi, which is free of charge and is available during the whole journey. Blogs as a type oof Internet are extremely convenient for those people who need to inform a large group of people at once. They might save time posting one short story instead of e-mail or calling them in person.

In regard to communication abroad, special attention should be paid to Skype. At this service, everyone could easily create an account and send messages or make video calls. All computers and cell-phones support Skype so that it would not be of great difficulty to communicate with the help of this service (Matthews, 2013). In addition, Skype offers a kind of phone card, which enables its user to make phone calls from abroad on a regular basis. This service creates a kind of online number, which, of course, includes the option of hearing voicemail. In order to send free messages, one could easily use such products as iMessage or What's Up. For the owners of iPhones, the use of iMessages would be of great benefit since it enables a free messaging-to-messaging option. The length of the message is unlimited and could be regulated by the user. In addition, the users of iMessage could also send photos, which are also an incredible feature of this application. What's Up has been invented for the phones that support the Android system. They can be used on the iPhones, which makes this application universal for everyone. However, What's Up differs from iMessage since in order to have What's Up, one should ensure that What's Up is connected to the phone number. Finally, considering the role of social networks in the internet communications, I would like to say that their importance tends to decrease due to the development of the afore-mentioned applications. However, they are still widely used among the youth since they allow easily sharing status, photos, mass media articles etc.

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Summing it all, it should be noted that there are a number of means for communication for the people who stay abroad. These means of communication are more or less affordable. Due to the diversity of communication tools, everyone could easily choose the one that best suits his or her interests.

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