Free «Google Glasses – Worth Investing Into It. Summary» UK Essay Paper

Free «Google Glasses – Worth Investing Into It. Summary» UK Essay Paper


The given coursework represents a report of the innovative product of Google called Google Glass. The main aim of the paper is to inquire the new market of Google Glass and to produce a critical executive style report on the feasibility of entering the market production software and hardware components and accessories for this device. The paper speaks of the Google Corporation as the leading player in the market of hi-tech products and gadgets. Without deepening into the technical characteristics the report gives a full and detailed analysis of the Google Glass. Google Glass is the garniture for smartphones (or the next-to-skin computer that is slightly closer to a functional set of the device) on the basis of Android developed by the Google Company. There is a transparent head-mounted display and located a little bit above the right eye, and a camera capable to record a video of a high quality. Moreover, the report answers the main question of the paper: is Google Glass worth investing in or not?

As Google Glasses is a revolutionary product, creating new functions from anything, it combines the properties of many devices in one gadget. Many functions of the new invention can replace the functions of smartphones. All the functions of a new gadget are described in the paper. It allows to give the argumentative grounds for the objective reply to the answer about the necessity to invest money into the gadget.

The paper summarizes all negative and positive sides of Google Glass. Moreover, the report represents the statistical data, taken from the reliable resources. The data used while writing the paper gives the answer to the question whether it is worth investing or not. Besides, the paper identifies the possible risks and future steps in the development of the innovative project – Google Glass. The paper consists of 8 pages; 4 resources were used while writing the paper.

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