Free «Google Glasses – Worth Investing Into It» UK Essay Paper

Free «Google Glasses – Worth Investing Into It» UK Essay Paper

Google Glasses – Worth Investing Into It?

Not so long ago the new revolutionary invention of the Google Company - interactive glasses Google Glass - was presented. In the future computers will be able to do a set of things, useful for people, and the use of the devices allowing to be all the time online, will considerably increase the human opportunities for collecting the necessary information which is in a free access. Unfortunately, users often have big problems with the availability of the devices including computers. In order to enter the virtual world and to carry out a full search, people should press keys and look at a screen. The new revolutionary innovation of the Google Company – Google Glass – evokes the contradictory opinions in the world community and the question whether it is worth investing into or not.

People got used to it, but it strongly limits opportunities. Although some electronic devices, such, for example, as smartphones can be carried for a long time, they are still external devices. There was a need for such a device which would allow to see internet in front of eyes and manage it with the help of voice-activated control. This idea came to the minds to the management of the Google Corporation. Absolutely new mobile device under the name Google Glass looks as if is borrowed from the fantastic movie.

The gadget was introduced by Google Inc. - an American transnational public corporation, investing money into the internet search, cloud computing and advertisement technologies. Google supports and develops the row of the Internet-services and products and receives the profit from it. According to BrandZ, Google is the most powerful and the most expensive brand in the world. In 2011, Google was recognized as the best reputation company in the USA, having outstripped Microsoft, Sony and many other companies. The dominant position of the Google services in the market leads to the criticism of the company concerning personal privacy, copyright and censorship (16).

Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information. We aspire to build products and provide services that improve the lives of billions of people globally. Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Our innovations in web search and advertising have made our website a top internet property and our brand one of the most recognized in the world (Form 10-K 2012).

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Google Glass is the revolutionary product of Google. The Google Corporation spends billions for the development of the Google Glass to have access to the improbable quantity of moving cameras. Google is interested not only in the Internet. The company seeks to be present in all perspective technological directions, including the market of a solar energy. In partnership with SunPower, an Internet search engine will act in unusual role - provide financial support to the so-called “solar leasing”. The company will also remain innovative; the special confidential division - Google X - is responsible for it. All innovative products, including Google Glass, were born in it.

Google Glasses does not create new functions from anything. It combine the properties of many devices in one gadget. Many functions of the new invention can replace the functions of smartphones. Thus, for example, Google Glass possesses the applications allowing to take the picture. Moreover, it allows to define where a person is present at a definite moment. Also, it is possible to direct the camera on the characteristic object, for example, building, and Google Glass can distinguish it and display the information about it. However, there is a problem - a small size of a screen which does not allow enjoying the computer games.

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Google Glass is the garniture for smartphones (or the next-to-skin computer that is slightly closer to a functional set of the device) on the basis of Android developed by the Google Company. There is a transparent head-mounted display and located a little bit above the right eye, and a camera capable to record a video of a high quality.

At the present stage of development Google Glass is neither a smartphone, nor glasses. Originally, Google Glass was developed in Google X laboratory, and Babak Parviz is its project manager. Testing of a product began in April, 2012, but the majority of US newspapers reported about a novelty at the end of February, 2012. The prototypes of the garniture of the Explorer Edition model worth $1500 were transferred to the software developers on the action of Glass Foundry in February, 2013. (Miller 2013).

Google Glass is one of the most important inventions for the web giant developed within its secret Google X labs. The product recently made public debut in the United States and the United Kingdom for consumers to experience the $1,500-worth Glass. Google is constantly improving its product with series of updates, but has received criticisms from hostile onlookers (Lehman 2014).

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The interaction of Google Glass with its user is carried out through voice commands (the basic order is “Ok, Glass”, after which it is necessary to say a request, for example, to dictate texts), the gestures distinguished by the touchpad which is located on a handle behind the display, and the system of a sound transmission with the use of bone conductivity. The interface of the device was shown to Google in video published in February, 2013, and in March the company used the SXSW Interactive for the exhibition of the first applications for Google Glass from third-party developers. The producer works on the garniture sample for the people using glasses correcting sight. It is supposed to possess a “modular” design with the possibility to select the necessary lenses and frames. (Miller 2013).

Eventually, the concept of Google Glass should realize at the same time three separate functions, having brought them together: augmented reality, mobile communication in Internet, and video diary. The first version of Google Glass fully realizes the video diary and only partially augments reality and a communication component. A fuller realization of all three target components is possible in the subsequent versions. Moreover, there is a function developed for Google social network, which allows the participants of a teleconference to see the image from cameras of the other users on own screen. A novelty brought by Google Glass is granting of a view from the camera in the glasses like it is. Thus, the participants of the teleconference will be able to see the world by the eyes of the Google Glass user.

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Google Glass is a graceful and compact product. It is impossible to say that it is beautiful, but it definitely does not cause any rejection, and it looks like a futuristic accessory which fits into any clothes style. Google Glass is connected to the smartphone by Bluetooth. It is necessary to install the MyGlass application from Apple App Store (supported by iOS 7) or Google Play Store (supported by Google Android 4.x) for the correct work of Google Glass. Active Glassware is the applications installed in Google Glasses. Glassware Gallery is the catalog of applications. The main Google services include Gmail, Google +, Hangouts, Google Play Music, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Tumblr, Path and other famous projects.

Google Glass can become a real breakthrough for lifeloggers. Lifelogging or e-memory is one of the most popular hobbies of the modern hi-tech people, who even created the communities like “The Quantified Self”, whose members fix everything what happens to them in smallest details. Google Glass will help to make life-logging a really mass phenomenon.

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The Mobile World Congress 2014 - the largest congress of the representatives of the mobile industry confirmed the outlined tendency for a long time: the main innovations occur today in the sphere of next-to-skin devices or gadgets which are fixed to a human body and are always with people. Such gadgets open a huge scope both for the conceptual decisions and for the technological breakthroughs. (Miller 2013).

Google Glass became a true embodiment of both points. It is still a wonder for majority of people all over the world. More than a year passed after Google presented its new gadget to the world community, but still the glasses seem to be borrowed from the fantastic movie. Having put it on and said the magic phrase “OK, Glass”, the users, without touching it by hands, can make a picture, record video and upload it to Google+ or Facebook, make a call, send the text message, construct a route on map, use a clever assistant to Google Now and find any information in the Internet. Unfortunately, at present the majority of these opportunities is realized not perfectly. Moreover, from the practical point of view they concede to the similar opportunities of smartphones. However, Google Glass gives absolutely new feelings and principles of interaction with the electronic device; it opens huge prospects, but at the same time forces people to be retrained, get used to something considerably new.

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Google Glass changes everything: the principles of interaction of a user and device, display of information, camera management, etc. However, there are questions whether they are necessary for everyday life? There is a definite answer: no. There is another question: whether it is necessary to invest money into Google Glass? Probably, yes, as in some years the new models of Google Glass can be easily found in the passengers of a subway.

As soon as people on streets see the first copy of Google Glass, they will understand that each their action or the word can be at any time recorded and sent to a network. Within several months this understanding will extend even among the most technically backward citizens that will lead to absolutely unpredictable consequences in society. Although modern smartphones also allow to begin video at any time, it is absolutely not that effect when video is conducted constantly by thousands of people around in the background.

Some experts consider that society will become better at once. People will become more polite and friendly to each other. Just as a computer passed a long way from a big specialized case, available to the selected professionals, the desktop home machine, up to a wearable gadget in a pocket. Understanding it, the other experts consider that society will not be able to take change of conditions of the existence so fast. At present, the Google Company is criticized seriously for the human rights violations connected with the implementation of the Google Glass project. The usage of Google Glass is already forbidden at the American movie theaters, casinos and strip clubs. Their owners are afraid that visitors can record everything on video. Therefore, Google Glass and any similar devices of the “hidden” video will be forbidden at the legislative level. (Miller 2013).

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It would be convenient to read the book in rush hours or watch news, simply having glasses on, without holding a bulky tablet or a smartphone with a small screen in hands. Certainly, for this purpose it is necessary to do a great job: the present Google Glass version is hardly capable to provide comfortable and long reading, not to mention broadcast of video. However, technologies are not still.

In general, there is a question concerning a new class of devices always: whether technologies are enough developed for the convenient use of this device? The coincidence of the concept opportunities for its reasonable embodiment are important. The success of iPad is explainable not only that it was produced by Apple, but also that Steve Jobs precisely guessed the moment when his dreams of the light and thin device, the forward part of which would be occupied by a big screen sensitive to the contacts of fingers, will come true. Competitors did not want to wait and repeatedly tried to present on the market tablets, but technological imperfectness and misunderstanding by producers, why, actually, this piece was necessary, did not allow those attempts to be successful.

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Did the time for Google Glass came? Perhaps, not yet. At active use glasses is heated, the image projected on a prism in front of the right eye insufficiently good, the supported voice commands are not enough, the period of stand-by as well as active usage time is small. Owning to these disadvantages Google did not put Google Glass in mass production on a broad market, but the circle of its users, who will not only understand the possible problems of the gadget, but also will think up new spheres in which Google Glass could be used, is rather narrow.

Google Glass has a high potential in the market of electronic systems. Much will depend on correctly made decisions of the Google designers. They should design the glasses in order to make it maximally comfortable for users, got used to a keyboard and mouse. Besides, the price will be a decisive factor for people to buy it. Can Google Glass change the life of ordinary people and is it worth buying? Perhaps, no. Google Glass can open broad opportunities for software developers. However, Google Glass can give just a few opportunities for ordinary people, to have a look in the future is the best of them.

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The history of the emergence of Google Glass is similar to the fragment of the fantastic book. One of those stories where the group of scientists rises on a threshold of grandiose discovery, separated by only one step from the future. Unfortunately, the step to the future is often far not so simple and obvious - it is possible to develop something revolutionary, and only then to realize the uselessness of an event. It seems that Google decided to invent a human eye and the mechanism of sight anew. As if inventing the bicycle anew, the experts of Google daily work on the creation of a finished mass product capable to change the human habitual vision of the world.

The Google Glass is similar to the newcomer from the future. Futuristic appearance, absolutely new sphere of use and incomparable user experience of management of interactive glasses make it more difficult to enter human life than a smartphone or a tablet. It was much more difficult to create the infrastructure from the beginning and come to understanding of the incompatibility of a visual content with gadgets of this sort. As a result, at present, the developers and enthusiasts faced the main problem of a fantastic gadget Google Glass - its absolute inadaptability to modern life. This is the main reason why Google Glasses is sold in a limited series and at enormous cost and why people do not hurry to invest money in it.

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