Free «How a Leader Recognizes the Unique Talents and Contributions» UK Essay Paper

Free «How a Leader Recognizes the Unique Talents and Contributions» UK Essay Paper

A leader may nurture, develop people’s talents, and steer them to make their dream come true. A leader identifies talents from his people by considering their interest and what they like. He then encourages them to use their talents to achieve their vision (Drew, 2003). Supporting people to make their suggestions, a leader knows the talent of his people and helps them to develop it (Annette, 2006). Additionally, leaders look at people’s yearning and what they understand quickly and do well; furthermore, a leader changes people’s thinking and feelings by sharing their ideas (James, 2012). A leader uses narratives to share his vision, implement ideas, make people know him, and motivate them to work towards their goals. For example, Martin Luther used his speech to capture people’s ability and make them believe and work together to accomplishing his vision.

There are many ways a leaders can motivate people. First, a leader asks people what they want. The response gives the leader an idea of what motivates them, he/she then wisely assigns and organizes work and let people know the importance of the work making sure they have knowhow and what they require to promote teamwork. Furthermore, helping people when they need assistance, sharing personal encounters and solutions to problems helps influence peoples’ motivation (Annette, 2006). Additionally, a leader may improve people’s concern by making positive remarks when they make mistakes (Annette, 2006). According to Hansen, a leader motivates his people by showing care, respect and listening being their role model (Drew, 2003). For example, a leader can publicly praise his people by acknowledging their achievements in a public meeting; this will motivate everybody.

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