Free «Intelligence Requirements» UK Essay Paper

Free «Intelligence Requirements» UK Essay Paper

The explosions occurred on 12th October 2002 when a vehicle exploded outside a night club hotel in the kutu beach; it exploded around half past eleven pm local time. This night club is a main tourist resort in the southern Indonesia. It was initiated with a possible suicide bomber inside the club. This funneled the nervous victims out into the streets where they were exposed to a larger car bomb parked next to the club. This was outside sari night club in Indonesia; it was believed that the explosives were put in the vehicle. This was serious and the worst terrorist attack in the Indonesian terrorist history which took 202 civilian lives and left other 100 wounded. The night club bombings in Indonesia had become popular. This marked a seventh terrorist attack in the area within a span of 3 weeks including an explosion which killed a US marine. According to a broad casting corporation from Australia the attacks were linked to an al Qaeda chief representative from Southeast Asia, who was known as Hambil. This man was also linked with other bombings like in Jakarta (Frame, 1992).

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The blast caused damages on both buildings and ehicles. The roof of the hotel was blown away while the floor of the upper floors collapsed resulting to an incredible amount of smoke. There were two explosions. The first one occurred outside a night club while the other explosion occurred near an honorary consulate belonging to the US. Witnesses described the explosions as horrendous.

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The blast was so massive that it caused damages to a hotel which was a kilometer away, this was according to witnesses. This was the information given by a camera man from newzealand who was the owner of the hotel. The sari club was destroyed by the blast as a result fire engulfed the neighboring buildings as well as cars which were caught up by the spreading fire. The entire block of the city was destroyed by this blast and the fire which subsequently swept all over the place.

Most of the injured and dead victims were mainly Australians. Although it comprised individuals from 24 different countries, there were no reported death cases or injury in the other explosion around the American consulate. Among those who died from the blast were also from New Zealand, Indonesia, Britain and other countriess.

The US embassy hissed on possible threats to its nationals who were the key targets by the militias’ men. These Islamic militias are linked with the al Qaeda. The Indonesians have denied allegations that the bombings were links of the al Qaeda and claimed that there are no al Qaeda groups in Indonesia.

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Most of the attacks in Indonesia have been successful due to the lack of strong rules which fight suicide bombers. There are also evidences of poorly regulated financial systems in Indonesia which can be used to uncover these terrorist groups and its willingness to free these terrorist assets. The al Qaeda was linked with these attacks which are believed to have a strong hold from Afghanistan with its leader Osama bin Laden. This group has strong support from Islamic religion members from almost every part of the world. They were able to hijack US airplane which the US department defense used to attack the rifles. As it has been evident the mainly target dares are where the US civilians are concentrated. Earlier bombings in the southern Indonesia have been targeted to night clubs where we see US marine soldiers killed.

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