Free «Natural Disaster» UK Essay Paper

Free «Natural Disaster» UK Essay Paper

A natural disaster could be defined as a natural hazard consequence such as tornado, flood, hurricane, landslide, drought, volcanic eruption, or earthquake that has an effect on the natural environment resulting into financial, human and/or environmental losses. The loss that occurs due to natural disasters depends heavily on the ability to resist or support the disaster by the population that is in a particular place or rather region that has been affected. Studies show that there are various reasons why natural disasters occur across the globe.

To begin with, different natural disasters have different reasons why they occur. These reasons can be classified into two major categories namely natural reasons and manmade reasons. Natural reasons entail an imbalance in the natural environment that tampers with the forces of nature resulting in uncontrollable destructive force (Abkowitz, 2008, p.2). In most cases, these unbalanced movements of natural forces occur as a way of cleansing nature. For instance, forest fires have been found to act as a way of cleaning the forest from foreign agents that accumulate as litter from leaves.

On the other hand, human activities were termed as the worst causes of natural disasters especially in the 20th century. The destruction of the natural environment such as cutting down of trees as a result of human encroachment has arguably been cited as the major cause of the increase of the desert and a cause in the rise of global warming effects such as floods and storms (Abkowitz, 2008, p.1).

There are different ways that could be employed as a way of preventing natural disasters. One of these ways is through the preservation of the natural environment. Following this point, the government and the society in general should work on maintaining the status quo of the natural environment (Casale & Margottini, 2004, p.264). In addition, there is need for restoration of the natural through planting of trees and preventing further destruction. In some cases, there will be need to organize environmental cleansing programs to eliminate pollutants from natural environment.

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