Free «Renaissance Architectural Design» UK Essay Paper

Free «Renaissance Architectural Design» UK Essay Paper

The Renaissance period shows the evolution of history through time. At this intermediate stage, the world moved from one era of architectural design to another. The period is replete with various images depicting lifestyles, habits, practices, and traditions of the time (Salingaros, 2007). Architects who lived at that time demonstrated their prowess through various artistic impressions that have stood the test of time (Ching, 2012).

Location, Level of Wealth, and Political Ambitions

I am a businessperson of middle age in the state of Ohio and desire to put up a monumental living home that will speak of my splendor in my hometown. Currently, I am ranked twenty-third on the Forbe’s list of the richest people on the earth, with $ 3,400 billion. Despite being famous and influential, I harbor no political ambitions. Being of Italian origin, I want every casual observer to associate me with the country, especially judging from the uniqueness of my home.

Skills of the Architects Hired

Fascinated by the design that existed in the Renaissance period and driven by the urge to replicate the same at my home, I seek to hire the lead architects who designed St. Peter’s Basilica. The recruited architects will be responsible for putting up an ultra-modern living complex that exhibits the structural ingenuity of the Basilica. Unlike the church that has elaborate sitting spaces, my home will be aimed for living, but with a unique design of the Basilica in every way. Notably, I want my architects to develop arches and roof patterns of outer living rooms to imitate the famous church building as in Appendix A.

Factors Influencing the Design

In coming up with the design of the building, I am motivated by religious convictions. As a staunch Roman Catholic, I want to reinforce my spiritual growth by creating a semblance of the church atmosphere around my home. Any time I will e at home, I will be reminded of my spiritual bond with the church. Besides, I want my children to grow up in a God-fearing home. In the modern days when the world is full of occultism and religious syncretism, there is a need to dissociate oneself from worldly affairs. In addition, the home will be a symbol of pride and an icon to represent my origin. The strategic position and closeness of my house to the trade fair will enable attendees to marvel at my home.

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Viewers’ Reaction to my House

Viewers’ initial reaction to my house should be disbelief. They will be reminded of the church in Rome. However, on closer examination, the building should depict a dwelling residence founded on the ideals of Christianity. The house will also point to my position in society. Owing to its monstrosity, unique design, rich trappings, and strategic position, it will not be lost to the public that the owner is definitely a wealthy person. The architectural design and finishing will alsopoint to my Italian origin.

Salient Features of the House

The Basilica exhibits Italian Renaissance. Designed by the contribution of Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Giacomo della Porta, and Carlo Mardeno, the building combines sculpture and mural painting (“Italian Renaissance Architecture,” n.d.). Brunelleschi will remain the chief designer. The architects’ unique design and strong Italian taste remain unmatched. Michelangelo will give the building a monumental religious feature, especially in designing dome. His prowess in sculpture will give the project a push necessary for becoming an iconic landmark. The artist will do the finishing of the building, such as a roof, dome, and wall finish. Giacomo della Porta is a lead mason, with demonstrated proficiency in creating undulating arches and hanging beams. His ingenuity will come in handy in making the house’s outdoor finish. With an extended dome and well cut arches, the building will reveal a princely statuure of a middle century palace as shown in Appendix B. On the other hand, besides being an exemplary architect, Carlo Mardeno knows how to work with marble. The building’s exterior will be cast in rare marble and gemstones to give it golden allure. Unlike the Basilica, it will boast of rich trappings of precast marble and rare gemstones. The stones will be finely cut and arranged strategically on the outer surface to glitter in the light. In addition, my home will leave out some details such as the symbol of the cross on the dome, so as not to be confused with a shrine, but come out as a dwelling place, idolizing a church.

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Artists capture people’s aspirations, dreams, or imagination and replicate them in artistic impressions. Architects are famous for representing imagination in fine structures and buildings. In the course of their undertakings, artists translate people’s dreams into reality. There is no limit to one’s imagination. Consequently, there is no limit to the extents of architecture. Artists are improving their ingenuity with increased imagination of clients. The Basilica was created out of an artist’s imagination. Once actualized, it became one of the world’s marvels of architecture. Set in the Italian Renaissance period, the building has withstood the elements of weather and calamity, standing strong several centuries after it was put up. Presently, it serves as a seat of the Catholic Church. My dream home, idolizing the church in design, though differentiated in size and splendor, will be modeled along similar architectural designs. Once complete, it will speak of my origin, spiritual conviction, and social status. The lead architects, mural painters, and sculptors Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Giacomo della Porta, and Carlo Mardeno respectively, will help me achieve my dreams of a majestic home. These men left a history in the architectural world. They successfully combined their artist knowledge, love for the nation, and the architectural period.

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