Free «Looking Towards the Future» UK Essay Paper

Free «Looking Towards the Future» UK Essay Paper

The perception and approach given in an environment through an individual focus on the set goals and offer excellent insight into how such prospects come true. As a result, this essay presents my reflection upon past positive experiences of my life and the applications of various life theories to these experiences. It uses the past experiences to identify, sets and describe the ongoing goals for my educational and professional future. Currently, I am pursuing my studies in the Ashford online university to productively realize my abiding academic, professional and personal goals. It further explores the application of the three goals within the SMART goal process and explains each component elaborately. In addition, this essay presents my created accountability plan for meeting each of my goals, overcoming obstacles, and predicting success. According to D’Angelo (2010), they all must be related to achieving the goals based on my past positive experiences and personality.

My SMART Goals

When people desire to make modifications in their lives, they habitually set goals. Doing this creates both a focus and a direction as they work towards whatever change they want to see in their lives. This illustration meets the standards of a SMART goal. My academic goal is to finish my Bachelor’s in health and wellness, my personal goal is to be financially stable, and my professional goal is to start my own health and wellness business. My student success in goal-setting involves the practice that commences with a pre-valuation to identify my present skills’ performance degree . It also encompasses the depth of the content knowledge with regard to the program of study I will choose during the course of study. 

Several policy makers consider that health status would be enhanced and health care expenses abridged if people approached their health appropriately. This belief strengthens my academic goal of seeing my pursuit of the Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Wellness successful. Programming for the health and wellness career achievement depends on the principles of whole-person wellness to help our clients maintain a lifestyle that is of the highest quality. Complete-person wellness symbolizes an inclusive method of wellness, which esteems my intricacy by appreciating that I am a multidimensional individual. It is via the consideration and the improvement of each element of wellness that I can be prosperous in attaining the whole-individual wellness.

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Aspiration, inspiration and obligation of realizing a health goal are necessary. In the case that I am not committed to achieving a goal, chances are that I will not succeed. The truth is that we are all encouraged to be healthy and nobody denies that it still takes something more to obligate us to our goals. Students must ask themselves about the underlying reasons for failure to accomplish a particular health goal. The failure usually occurs due to the unlikeliness that it will be prosperous in the end. Consistent with the SMART goals, a definite goal has a much better possibility of being achieved than a common goal. It renders health and wellness career academic goal much easier to achieve. Scientific study and investigation have also documented a robust positive association between determining student success goals and student achievement.

With the purpose of realizing my financial stability goal, I have to be realistic, characterize a goal to which I am disposed, and competent enough to work. The financial stability goal can be both high and realistic, since I am the only one who can decide just how complex my personal goals should be. During the educating and researching steps, I would look at different investment options, which will help me reach my financial goals. Economically successful individuals could have never reached their current success if they had not assessed their development at the initial stages. I cannot dispose my list in an archive and retrieve ten years later to confirm if I realized what I had premeditated. Thus, goals necessitate that I carry out a regular and frequent monitoring system so as to show the present circumstances in real time.

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To increase associativity with other related business concerns, my business will sign deals with new medical experts in the next three months. I will contact various medics of potential advisory support each Saturday. My health and wellness business organization will employ fresh medical experts each year. I will advertise for the new positions in the print and online media and conduct interviews, and the successful medical bidders will be acceptable. I will acquire the services of a health and wellness firm and launch a publicity campaign that will help establish me as a well-known expert in the health care matters. I would also speak to the applicants once a month, as I receive interview requests every week. I will also write one article per month for a top industry publication. This will strengthen my experience in the discipline and will consent me to be associated with more minor therapeutic organizations who want accounting counsel.

Accountability Plan and Overcoming Obstacles

It is likely for the student goals set as a part of an annual performance assessment to be overlooked during the year. Prospective goals get recorded and only referred to during the next performance evaluation. Daily work and main concerns are then easily influenced by the calamity of the day, fresh requests, or alterations in the direction. As a result, individual, departmental and organizational goals are not always achieved. Therefore, it takes great individual devotion to take the full accountability for the established goals.

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The lack of family support presents a scenario of an obstacle in my pursuit of the three objectives. If my family and friends are not offering me the provision and advice that I require to succeed, I will look for other sources of support. In the case that the goals seems likelt to experience failure, online and in-person societies that support and challenge me. If I ever need help with alcohol addiction, I will find Medicare with Alcoholics Anonymous or a psychoanalyst. Even though it is not intolerable to attain the goals on my own, I can set myself up for success if I find people to encourage me and support me on the journey.

In order to engage other students and nurture accountability, my health-wellness business would need to introduce the workers to the SMART goals, which are specific, measurable, achievable, results-oriented, and time-assured. Nevertheless, remembering to describe all these elements in the right degree of detail can be difficult (SMART goals, 2013).

Success Prediction

Successful people, individuals with sufficient practical skills and field proficiency, can make sharp predictions of their achievements as to whether they will turn out to be good or bad. It depends on the past experiences and the likelihood of realizing the set objectives. In my case, I feel that it is appropriate to be assisted and also face my future with a lot of optimism. However, great people can challenge a bad process to offer a good product in the end. Therefore, when I predict objective success, I do not assume that people, process, or the administration is the one key to success. I check closely to ensure that the business is not already infected with the incompetently-trained people, bad administration, or bad processes.

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In conclusion, this essay has demonstrated a direct relationship between the articulation of SMART goals and the fruitful realization of responsibilities. The success confirms the achievement of my academic goal of finishing my bachelors in health and wellness, personal goal of being financially stable, and a professional goal of starting my own business. Thus, it is my desire to appropriately utilize the available resources effectively.

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