Free «Marketing Plan» UK Essay Paper

Free «Marketing Plan» UK Essay Paper

Segmentation/Target /Positioning (STP) analysis

Market Segmentation:

Since a research has revealed that United Arab Emirates ranks top amongst the countries with highest prevalence of obesity, the calorie counter watch will be of great help to the citizens.  All the age groups will benefit from this watch.  Obese people who intend to check their weights need to buy the gadget. Males and females who are already overweight must monitor their growth rates before their weights make them susceptible to chronic illnesses.  The gadgets are also convenience for sports-people who may not have to carry their cell phones while on track. It mainly concentrates on obese patients.

Target market:

Because there are other devices already in the market, the calorie counter watches are likely to find a tight competition. This implies that the market is mature. However, the devices are user friendly.  The clients have no need to change the batteries because they depend on blood pressure.  It this case, one can confirm that the invention of these watches resulted from a research to serve customers.  In order to respond to the solid competition from other similar devices, the modern method of marketing such as Internet is extremely significant in running promotional campaigns.  The use of direct sales is considered to ensure that there is control over the sales. As a result, the salespersons will be in touch with the clients.

User Positioning:

To individuals who want to live actively and lead a healthy life, the counter-watch measures all the activities people perform. It starts from morning when one wakes up till bedtime.  In this case, it checks the movements of the body at all times.  Moreover, a person can still listen to his favorite radio channels by connecting a headset.  This implies that it is a source of entertainment, as well. A person who is obese can monitor how he burn his or her calories daily.

Marketing strategy

Products/ services:

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The choices and preferences of customers depend on various factors. Some individuals will fall for a particular product because of its color.  Subsequently, there will be a room for clients to customize the watches to preferred colors and even include their initials on the device. The customer will not have difficulty in using the product. The option of allowing the user to add his/ her weight and height enables the customers to receive the measurements effortlessly. As a tool for communication, people who may not take their mobile phones while exercising enjoy the services such as short messages and voice mails.  The devices are light hence portable. Individuals wear these watches wherever they go.  Since the gadgets are waterproof, the users wear them even while swimming.  The tool offers several benefits to the consumers. Because of their automation, the runner will time himself and determine his/ her speed.  Medically, the user can just check the readings of heart rate and amount of energy spent.  Moreover, blood pressure and diabetes become monitored as the person runs. If the individual develops complications, the device will detect and give an alarming sound with the issue indicated. Humans are very forgetful; however, folks who commit themselves to buy this product just set reminders in the appliance. They can remember when to do their daily activities.  With its ability to give the total calories a person has to burn in one day, the users will be at a position to enjoy their desirable and healthy lifestyles.  Obesity predisposes patients to a number of heart conditions that may be particularly lethal. Everyone should take an action to deal with this issue.


Customer awareness and exposure is quite essential in marketing different products. In order to increase the sales and revenue opportunities, the expected potential customers should know vast things aabout this unique wristwatch. The newspapers that most people read will be a great platform for achieving this goal.  Another grand avenue to encounter people from different parts of the world is the Internet. This will include the social media that most people prefer. There will be forums for customers to post their reviews after buying the product.  Strategic alliances with other organization will boost the awareness of these devices. Since it complements the healthcare services, all organizations in this sector will have to know the benefits of the watch. The healthcare professionals must understand how it works. In this way, they can recommend it for their clients with obesity issues. Sports people should understand these advantages and purchase the wristwatches.  The academic institutions that offer training on such areas will be great partners in this business. The promotions will extend to other public and private organizations whose employees do not have enough time to move around. Once the efficacies of the products prove it, there will be more alliances to ensure that citizens of Emirates are not affected by obesity.


After training various traders about the products, they will take charge and sell the products to customers within their reach. The process of educating distributors will take place in various regions in the country. With direct sales, the process of communication between the enterprise and the customers will be enhanced.  Authorized healthcare centers will sell the products to clients.

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The pricing plan will enable customers to obtain the calorie counter watches affordably. The distributors who purchase in bulk will enjoy the discounts and wholesale prices to enable them earn profits.  The model for pricing will remain constant to avoid fluctuations that may make clients doubt the quality of the devices. The new customers will be encouraged to use the product. In such cases, they may acquire them at promotional prices.

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