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Media Plan

Buy custom Media Plan essay

Buy custom Media Plan essay

In order to successfully launch a new product into the market, it is essential for the entrepreneur to carry out a market research. This will help him in ascertaining the target clients, their perception of the product and know the level of competition expected (Goff, H., 2009). This either is done through the giving of free samples, market analysis or sales promotion.

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The selling of ice creams can be a very profitable business if proper planning is put in place. This includes marketing and uniqueness in the delivery of services (Kotler, P. and Armstrong, G., 1997). There should be a lot of advertisements both in print and broadcast media because it is only through this that the targeted clientele will get the relevant informative or persuasive information about the product. Surely, this will inform them on the existing of this product (Malcolm, M., 2007).

However, before engaging in intensive activity to implement the plans for selling the product, the company has to intensively invest in research. Investing in research means that relevant information which could affect the outcome of the product in the market are gathered and analyzed extensively. Actually, a half of the budget should be reserved for research since it is widely argued that if you mess with research then you are messing with the product itself (Drucker, P.F., 2004)  

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The frequency of reach will highly depend on two fundamental things, which are effective advertising and effective transporting of the product to the clients. If for instance the company resorts to using online marketing, then it will have to ensure that company agencies are situated in various parts of the world where they (customers) can get the advertised product. This therefore means that if the company does not have the capacity in its current status to reach the whole world then it should relax its marketing to cover only those places it can serve without any hiccups as this is fundamental in winning customers’ loyalty (Kotler, P. and Armstrong, G., 1997).     

More importantly, online marketing will be the moist appropriate mode of carrying out this exercise since it will allow a smooth transmission of information to all corners of the world thus, extending beyond the immediate market. It should involve expert marketers who are well acquainted with the basics of online marketing and can design the most appealing ads for the organization (Nigel, B., 2001). They should help in identifying the most relevant sites and blogs that will enable the information about this product to reach the most targeted group (McQuarrie, E., 2005). For instance, more focus can be put on the social sites like Tweeter and Facebook because they have a wider coverage (Mackay, A., 2004).

In such plans, there should be all the basic information about the commodity. All the ingredients and preservatives should be indicated. This may be in line with the basic ethical concerns, a violation that may cause a great financial damage to the firm (Drucker, P.F., 2004).  Actually, this will help the firm to instill confidence to the potential customers.

The whole media concept could not be complete without stating the importance of using radio as the chief media tool for this product. First of all, it should be noted that listening to radio in Sydney, which is the major market to be focused on is really good as almost each and every homestead have radio in their possession. This therefore means that choosing the use of radio as the major advertising model is all within the range of reaching most of the customers. More so, setting a radio station is not as expensive that the company would struggle to manage, hence as a long term strategy, the company could take advantage of such opportunity and set its own radio station to aid in total advertising (Drucker, P.F., 2004). 

In conclusion, I would like to assert that media plan is a very important business practice that should be embraced by all the entrepreneurs. It will enable them to maximize their gains (Eales, M., 1985).

Buy custom Media Plan essay

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